Monday, August 17, 2015

2nd and 4... Week and pounds gained!

Ni hao everyone!

We are now officially no longer the newest kids in the MTC and its a good feeling, I feel like a pro already!! Now we can start to give some advice to the new greenies. So thats a bonus, also my district gets to be host missionaries this wednesday so hopefully I will be able to pick of 2 of my best friends kurt, and parker and anyone else from Davis! 

So no real exciting events happen hear at the MTC, but a good thing is now we can go play basketball in the gym. They were refinishing the floor so it has been out of order for the longest time!!
So thats exciting! But we had an awesome devotional this past sunday but I will mention more details later on!

Updates on me. the MTC is decent, but here is the problem. My family knows that I am a big eater! I eat a lot, like a lot!!! So its not the fact that the MTC food is really good - but more of it and its available to me Like all the time  and I dont have to make anything!! So when I see something I grab it! Well that has been a real problem because I have gained 4 lbs here in the MTC which is not good. So now I eat less and actually work out in the morning instead of just messing around all the time. So hopefully that trend will change!! So please do not send candy, I'm trying not to get fat here! My mom is already giving me enough sugar!! Send carrots or something hahaha! 
Lets see this past week I got the MTC sickness. I got a cold on monday and have been fighting it all 
week, but its starting to pass so all is well. I'm just glad I got it sooner than later!!  

Alright so this past sunday was so awesome! Our devotional we had was super cool. Normally on sunday for our devotional we have a speaker or a talk! However this sunday was a little bit different! 
It was really funny because earlier in the day I was talking to my district about how I really missed listening to music! because the only music you hear in the MTC is what you sing together!! So this sunday we finally all got to meet in the gym, (cause the floor was done) and Ifinally got to hear, called to serve by 2000 missionaries. And it was awesome I sang so loud!! Fun times!! Anyways so this time for our devotional we got a band to come play for us. The bands name is Nashville Tribute and it was so cool. what a coincident that the day I started to miss music a band came and played for 
us!! Thats why I love my heavenly father - he is good to me. But the coolest thing about it, was that I actually know this band. My dad bought a CD of theirs forever ago, which is called Joseph the Prophet.  I used to listen to it all the time! Well they started to sing that album and I just got super excited and I know I bugged the crap out of my companion because I sang every song!! And it was
awesome!! Mom dad look for that album and listen to it. Everyone else go listen to Nashville Tribute 
it was awesome!! 

Also another cool thing is my best friend Kenadee Anderson just got her call the Nashville Tennessee and I am so excited for her!! She is going to do so well out there. 

Anyways the devotional well, I absolutely loved that devotional it was so cool.

Then after that we went and watched an MTC Devotional talk by Elder Bednar called "How to Recognize the Spirit" and it was awesome. Elder Bednar is so good at talking to missionaries and it was hilarious and so spiritual at the same time! to sum it up for you he said! "The number one question among saints is, "How doI know if its the holy ghost talking or just my own decision?" Elder Bednar's response was awesome he said, "Quit fussing about it, if its good..... do it ! It doesn't matter where it came from, as long as you follow it, and do it! You dont have to know the reason
behind it or where it came from just do it!" I thought it was awesome!

Anyways hope all is going well back at home! Love you all and love this gospel, the church is true everyone I have  no doubt about it!!
Love Elder Hanks

Ps this pic is us playing a game we made up called foot pong!! We played it on our last p-day and its super fun!! It involves a "net" and a balloon, I'll let you figure out the rest!
Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese
me & PK!  (Parker Kowal)

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