Monday, August 24, 2015

Elder Hanks, meet Elder Hanks, who is going to hopefully meet Elder Hanks

So this week was your normal week in the MTC. Classes with classes, and some more classes. But its good because you learn a ton here! I love the MTC

So I had a very interesting experience this week. Me and my companion were walking to dinner when this random kid, Well not kid, but elder walked up to me and said, "Can I give you a hug?" He looked to be normal, and I have never seen him in my life before. So I was a little weirded out but thought I would be nice so I said yes. Then after we hugged I looked at his tag and it said Elder Hanks! Like What!!!!!!!!!!! So crazy we have no relation at all, he is from colorado and we talked for a little bit! But thats not even the weird part!  I felt inspired to ask him where he was serving and when he was leaving- ! 

This elder is going to...................... no not england but to Singapore!!! What!!!!!! First Ammon, then my companion, now this kid is going there too!!! No matter what,  there will always be a Hanks influence in the country of Singapore! MIND-BLOWN!!!!

I told him about my older brother and told him to say hi for me!!  (Coincidentally, Ammon just wrote home yesterday & said to make sure his full name is on his packages & letters, since another Elder Hanks was arriving in Singapore!) 

It was so crazy! Anyways another experience happened this week. We were in sacrament meeting, which is all in chinese so its hard to understand. But anyways this elder gets called on to give a talk in chinese, so he goes on up!! So in chinese how to say hope is xi wang, alright and to say death is si wang. So this elder accidentally mixed them up and so his whole talk he kept saying that he loved the thought of death, and how death is so great! And how death had helped him out so much in his life. It was so hard not to laugh!! I was just glad he did that and not me!! It was hilarious and sad at the same time!! So that uplifted the spirits a little in the chinese branch!! 

But thats my week!! Hope you all are doing fine!! I love being a missionary and the church is true!

Love Elder Hanks

Pics, 1st This is me and my teacher Lei Lao Shi  

Davis boys round 2! 

me & Elder Ferrell coming from a fireside

me & kurt!
Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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