Monday, August 10, 2015

I survived!!!!

Hows it going in the real world? Everything here is great ! I really do love the MTC. It is easily one of the greatest experiences of my life!  And i still have 8 more weeks here!!!

So first things first-  the MTC. The food here is pretty good, but the bad thing is the timming. They have us eat lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30! I'm not hungry at those times, well jk,  I am always hungry but not for a real sit down meal. But its alright cause food is food. But to move on to greater things-  The firesides, and devotionals here are so amazing. They are the greatest part of the MTC because those are when you feel the spirit the most. ITS AMAZING the Spirit that is here. I am still waiting however, to have all the missionaries sing Called to Serve, haven't heard it yet, but cant wait to join them in singing it!! Also you learn so much here, its awesome, its like the greatest version of seminary you can possible imagine.

Little story-  I was told that on the first night of the MTC you could hear the cries of all the new elders through the halls! haha -  Yeah well not true!! But my first night was pretty bad. I am on the top bunk, and the first night was already bad, but then in the middle of the night my one and only pillow fell off my bed onto the floor. And I am on the top bunk, without a ladder so I was trying to be nice to all the elders in the room, by not jumping down to get it cause I would wake them up- because the first night is already hard enough to try to sleep! So i just laid there without a pillow and i couldn't sleep so that was awful-  but its all good now. 

my comp- Elder Schwemmer from Davis! 

The District!! - Elder Anderson, Bradford, Schwemmer,
me, Elder Gasser & Ferrell
So my companion, well yeah,  he is about a foot taller than me! His name is Elder Nate Schwemmer. He is from Kaysville, and we actually took Chinese class together at Davis, so that was way exciting to figure out. Yeah guys - Nate is my companion! So we are good friends and it has been so awesome. My district is made of 6 elders including me-  Elders Anderson, Bradford, Gasser, ME, Schwemmer, and Ferrel. They are awesome i love all of them. They are my best friends already. Which is a good thing because we do everything together, like we are all in the same room. We are all in the same classes, and we all eat together, they are awesome! Not only have I felt the spirit so strongly with them. I have also never laughed so hard so much in my life. Its been great. We go to about 5 hours of class time everyday. And learning Chinese is really really hard. But I can already pray in chinese and bear my testimony in Chinese so thats great. Im learning a lot, and I know its through our heavenly fathers help. 

In the MTC they make you teach a lesson on the 3rd day of being here. So yes mom you were right. We had to teach an investigator a lesson, which is already really hard. But then they made us do it in Chinese! I don't even know Chinese yet, so our first lesson we tried to teach him about the Plan of Salvation, yeah mistake. We learned that it was the hardest lesson to teach. So the first lesson went really bad. But then we went again, and me and my companion prepared a whole lot better this time,  and we taught him about the godhead. And told him about the book of mormon. It was awesome, he asked for a copy of the book of Mormon, unfortunately we forgot a Chinese one so that didn't help! haha,  But we told him we would bring him one next time. So that went well and I cant wait to teach him again. Its such a great experience. 

On Thursday night we met with our branch president, President Gilbert and his wife. They taught us about being missionaries, and it was awesome. Then we all got interviewed by the branch presidency, and I got to be interviewed by President Gilbert. It was awesome- he is so great. He was a Mission President in Korea. Anyways,  we all met up again and they talked to us some more, then President Gilbert called the new district leaders. He called Elder Jackson to be the district leader - But that was for the other district@ He then called ME!!!!!! I am the district leader, and it is so awesome. I love it so much its so fun, and such a great learning experience, and great for doing service. Its been awesome.

I love being a missionary it is the greatest thing to every happen to me. I love my companion and my district so much. And the MTC is just the greatest place ever. This morning i was able to go to the temple, and man for the first time it felt like I was home. Which is awesome since the temple is the House of God, and having it feel like home, that's a great feeling!!! We did some sealings, which was my first time ever doing them. Such a great experience. 

I love you all and miss you all so much! Thanks for all the prayers and everything it is so helpful. 

Love Younger, but slightly better looking Elder Hanks.

ps, its seriously like davis high here i see everyone.

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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