Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Packing, Hair cut & THE day....!

It's begun! 
Haircut - check 

 Bags Packed - Check ! 

 Looks like he didn't pack very much! 
                                                                                      Two years weighs 97.6 pounds


         Heading to the Stake Center
                    to be set apart

 Here we go! 

Is he having second thoughts? haha- nope! 


 Thankful for a cute distraction!

 Arrival time - 1:00pm !

 He wouldn't look back!

Couldn't give us even a wave with those blurry eyes....ours were just as blurry or even more so!  It was a long quiet car ride home! Can't wait for the first email!

Let's hope he takes lots of pictures! 

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  1. Oh got me crying now! Good luck Elder Hanks! You will be an awesome missionary!