Monday, September 28, 2015

My last FULL week at the MTC! AHHH!

So this is my last full week here in the MTC, which is both really awesome and also really sad at the same time!! But this week has been kind of a bland week nothing exciting really happened, but i promise next week will be when i talk about my entire experience of the MTC and how excited i will be to be going to england so even if this week isnt that good, look forward to next weeks email. 

So this week the best thing that happened to us were two things. First we got our Chinese name tags like full Chinese name tags, so unless you can read characters you cant read them!! So thats pretty cool. Then the next thing is this week we got our flight plans. I leave next tuesday morning so in a week, at 4:35 in the morning, so thats early but i fly to minneapolis, and then i take a massive long flight to Amsterdam, so i am super excited about that, just to say I've been to another country!! Then from there I go to leeds. The total travel time is 24 hours. My first flight is at 9:40 am on Oct 06th, and then i arrive in leeds on Oct 7th at 9:40 am. That is going to be a really long day but thats alright cause its well worth it. 

The next thing is today the whole MTC was required to watch the funeral of Elder Scott today. At first i was a little upset because it was p-day and it was taking away time from us being able to do all the things we need to do! But then as we sat there and watched it, it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong as we heard the voices of the apostles bear testimony of a dedicated servant and representative of the lord. It was a great little preview to what we are going to experience this weekend at General Conference. I am so looking forward to General Conference this weekend, not only to know who the new THREE apostles will be, something that hasnt happened in 100 years. But because you can feel the spirit so strongly here when an apostle of the lord speaks to us. I love it hear and cannot wait to hear the voice of our prophets this weekend. I love you all, and i am so grateful for all of you who have helped me out this week with packages and letters, your support and love is much appreciated. 
Love you all and thank you for all of your support!

Love Elder Hanks
Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese
not too sure about this picture.....! 

getting ready for a vicious match! 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

My week of the good and the bad in the MTC....

So there was a lot of things going on this week, and some good and some bad but what do you expect for a missionary.

Things are good!  Wearing a beaded tie from Malaysia!
Thanks to the other E. Hanks for thinking of me -
notice the UK flag beaded in to it ! 
Alright for the bad well, first off this is bad for others not for me. So our father districts or the older districts were all suppose to leave this week. Well out of the 25 missionaries that were suppose to leave, about 18 of them are going to Taipei, Taiwan. And not a single one of them got their visa, so they all have to stay here and extra week. So there was this huge delema about getting new companions because some were leaving and some were not! And all the elders were upset because they were so excited to go, and now they have to stay another week in the MTC! I feel bad for them, but then it made me so grateful that i am going to England!!

 I got over my sore throat finally and so thats a good thing, but as soon as that was over something else came up! So apparently there was a small spread of pink eye throughout the MTC! And yes I was the only person in my district to get it, so I was in a little solitary this past week where I could only touch my stuff -it was pretty bad! but it finally went away after like two days of using eye drops!

Another Dart! - My favorite Dom
headed to Canada! 
But thats leads us to the good things. So because of my eye thing, my companion and I were able to leave the MTC! what yes I know, we were in the real world!  We were able to walk down the street and go to the pharmacy! I felt for the first time like an actually missionary. Me and my companion walking down the street! It was soo cool. But thats not even the best part, we got to the pharmacy and there were some college students there, in front of us! So I  turned to my companion and started to talk to him in chinese about the people in front of us, just like what they were wearing how old we thought they were and just simple stuff like that, but it was awesome because they couldn't understand anything that we were saying it was so cool. 

Next thing happened on Sunday! We were talking to the new district on how you need to write a talk every week for sacrament! And we were telling them that it doesnt have to be too long, and that they didnt need to worry yet, because we had all those elders and sisters who were leaving the next week so i told them that they would be called on! Well I was wrong, I was helping pass the sacrament, and as I was moving back to my seat, I heard my named called to be chosen to give a talk, in Chinese!! I was so terrified, like of coarse I would get chosen out of the 30 some odd missionaries here!! Luckily the topic was faith, and it was so terrifying. But when I finished and sat down it felt good to be able to say I gave a full talk in chinese!! So that's awesome!

Last thing is for our devotional on sunday we had Lloyd Newel come and speak to us. If you dont know him he is the guy that does Music and the spoken word on sunday mornings with the Mormon Tabernacle choir! Or if that does ring a bell he is the guy thats says, "This is the 185th annual general conference of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!" at the beginning of all the sessions of general conference. He did that and it was super funny!! So awesome, we did what he does with the choir, where we would sing a song and then he would talk about it, then sing a song and he would talk about it! it was super cool!!

ps I get my flight plans this week, which means I am about 1 1/2 weeks out from going to England!! so crazy and super excited!! Also some older elder gave me some chopsticks so I could get in touch with my inner Asian!!!

love you all, thanks for all the support!!

Love Elder Hunter Hanks

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nothing.... we got nothing this week!

Two pictures .... that's all for this week- he must have been really busy playing around on his Pday!
This is Bro./ Elder Sam Mitchell, who just returned from the Singapore
Mission. He is Hunter's new Chinese teacher and he also knows Ammon. 

Hunter & Schwemm ( well just Schwemm) studying? 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Up & down it goes and so many connections!

Aug 31 2015
So this week nothing really special happened so I apologize in advance is this one is a little bit more boring than normal. So I have gained a total of 6 lbs while being here! So now I have taken up running so hopefully that helps a little bit! 

This week I got released from being the district leader. I have served my time, of 3 weeks. But it was a great 3 weeks I learned a lot from this position. Also this week I was called on to say the prayer in sacrament meeting and it was in chinese. I was so scared that I was going to mess up like that kid last week, so to keep it simple,  I made that prayer very short and sweet to say the least, and I think no mistakes were made.

This week was a very sad week for our district. we are losing one of our favorite teachers. His name is Jacob Ladd and he was awesome-  I love that guy. But because he is going to school at byu this fall he can no longer be our teacher anymore!! Saddest day ever he was awesome, so we get a new teacher this week lets hope he doesnt disappoint. But most of the MTC teachers are sweet so I'm not too worried.
Bro. Ladd is the one in the middle with the "bunny ears" (not sure of the order here...)
The District - Elder Ferrell, Elder Anderson, Elder Gasser, Bro. Ladd, Me, Elder Bradford,  Elder Schwemmer

Chinese is coming along, slowly but surely. Its very hard but I am improving everyday! I can understand a lot that is being said to me, and I can say a lot too, but still a whole lot to learn. Buts its okay because I got a month left here, which reminds me that this wednesday I  hit my one month mark, thats so crazy time has flown by for me! One down and 23 more amazing months to go!

Love you all and hope all is well

Love Elder Hunter hanks
and here is your classic map picture

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

Sept 7 2015
So this week was an awesome week and lets begin right off the bat!

First thing is we had an awesome devotional where we had Elder Dalin H. Oaks come and talk to us about become better missionaries it was the coolest thing ever. I was like 50 ft away from an apostle of the lord. It was the coolest thing ever!

Second, we got two new significant people in our branch. First off we got a new Branch President, his name is President Newel, he seems like a nice guy so far!! Also I got a new teacher and he is kinda funny but it fits him. I will send a pic next week of him,- its pretty great!!! 

3rd-  I had a very weird realization this past week. So the significant people in my MTC experience are all connected to missions that my family has served in! 
My host is going to Argentina where my uncle Troy served.
My teacher and 3 of the kids in my district are going to Taiwan where my Uncle Cory served. 
My new Branch president is a recently returned mission President from Stockholm, Sweden, where my dad served.
My companion is going to Singapore, where my brother is serving currently and my new Chinese teacher served in the same area as my brother and knows him! 

Everywhere I go there is a Hanks influence somewhere!!! 

The tie is from Ammon, Hunters brother, (who is serving in Malaysia).
The tie is made out of beads & has the Union Jack flag beaded into it just for Hunter.

we added covers to our scriptures, I guess you can say I have now "crafted" ! haha! 

All the action happens here people- our classroom! 
Its been great and less stressful not being the district leader and all, but I do miss being it sometimes, It's always good having responsibilities and things to do.The new district leader is Elder Gasser, he is the curly black hair kid, companions with Elder Ferrell. Also elder Ferrell is our new Zone leader, so he will be awesome at it. I knew he would be the one to fill that job!! He will be awesome!

Also I started running and I have lost 3 lbs so yeah for me- lets hope that I can keep it off!!! 

Sorry its short this week but life is all good here!! Love you and and I am so grateful for all your prayers and everything.

Love Elder Hanks
Sorry Schem- Had to post this its such a good look! 

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese