Monday, September 28, 2015

My last FULL week at the MTC! AHHH!

So this is my last full week here in the MTC, which is both really awesome and also really sad at the same time!! But this week has been kind of a bland week nothing exciting really happened, but i promise next week will be when i talk about my entire experience of the MTC and how excited i will be to be going to england so even if this week isnt that good, look forward to next weeks email. 

So this week the best thing that happened to us were two things. First we got our Chinese name tags like full Chinese name tags, so unless you can read characters you cant read them!! So thats pretty cool. Then the next thing is this week we got our flight plans. I leave next tuesday morning so in a week, at 4:35 in the morning, so thats early but i fly to minneapolis, and then i take a massive long flight to Amsterdam, so i am super excited about that, just to say I've been to another country!! Then from there I go to leeds. The total travel time is 24 hours. My first flight is at 9:40 am on Oct 06th, and then i arrive in leeds on Oct 7th at 9:40 am. That is going to be a really long day but thats alright cause its well worth it. 

The next thing is today the whole MTC was required to watch the funeral of Elder Scott today. At first i was a little upset because it was p-day and it was taking away time from us being able to do all the things we need to do! But then as we sat there and watched it, it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong as we heard the voices of the apostles bear testimony of a dedicated servant and representative of the lord. It was a great little preview to what we are going to experience this weekend at General Conference. I am so looking forward to General Conference this weekend, not only to know who the new THREE apostles will be, something that hasnt happened in 100 years. But because you can feel the spirit so strongly here when an apostle of the lord speaks to us. I love it hear and cannot wait to hear the voice of our prophets this weekend. I love you all, and i am so grateful for all of you who have helped me out this week with packages and letters, your support and love is much appreciated. 
Love you all and thank you for all of your support!

Love Elder Hanks
Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese
not too sure about this picture.....! 

getting ready for a vicious match! 


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