Thursday, September 24, 2015

My week of the good and the bad in the MTC....

So there was a lot of things going on this week, and some good and some bad but what do you expect for a missionary.

Things are good!  Wearing a beaded tie from Malaysia!
Thanks to the other E. Hanks for thinking of me -
notice the UK flag beaded in to it ! 
Alright for the bad well, first off this is bad for others not for me. So our father districts or the older districts were all suppose to leave this week. Well out of the 25 missionaries that were suppose to leave, about 18 of them are going to Taipei, Taiwan. And not a single one of them got their visa, so they all have to stay here and extra week. So there was this huge delema about getting new companions because some were leaving and some were not! And all the elders were upset because they were so excited to go, and now they have to stay another week in the MTC! I feel bad for them, but then it made me so grateful that i am going to England!!

 I got over my sore throat finally and so thats a good thing, but as soon as that was over something else came up! So apparently there was a small spread of pink eye throughout the MTC! And yes I was the only person in my district to get it, so I was in a little solitary this past week where I could only touch my stuff -it was pretty bad! but it finally went away after like two days of using eye drops!

Another Dart! - My favorite Dom
headed to Canada! 
But thats leads us to the good things. So because of my eye thing, my companion and I were able to leave the MTC! what yes I know, we were in the real world!  We were able to walk down the street and go to the pharmacy! I felt for the first time like an actually missionary. Me and my companion walking down the street! It was soo cool. But thats not even the best part, we got to the pharmacy and there were some college students there, in front of us! So I  turned to my companion and started to talk to him in chinese about the people in front of us, just like what they were wearing how old we thought they were and just simple stuff like that, but it was awesome because they couldn't understand anything that we were saying it was so cool. 

Next thing happened on Sunday! We were talking to the new district on how you need to write a talk every week for sacrament! And we were telling them that it doesnt have to be too long, and that they didnt need to worry yet, because we had all those elders and sisters who were leaving the next week so i told them that they would be called on! Well I was wrong, I was helping pass the sacrament, and as I was moving back to my seat, I heard my named called to be chosen to give a talk, in Chinese!! I was so terrified, like of coarse I would get chosen out of the 30 some odd missionaries here!! Luckily the topic was faith, and it was so terrifying. But when I finished and sat down it felt good to be able to say I gave a full talk in chinese!! So that's awesome!

Last thing is for our devotional on sunday we had Lloyd Newel come and speak to us. If you dont know him he is the guy that does Music and the spoken word on sunday mornings with the Mormon Tabernacle choir! Or if that does ring a bell he is the guy thats says, "This is the 185th annual general conference of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!" at the beginning of all the sessions of general conference. He did that and it was super funny!! So awesome, we did what he does with the choir, where we would sing a song and then he would talk about it, then sing a song and he would talk about it! it was super cool!!

ps I get my flight plans this week, which means I am about 1 1/2 weeks out from going to England!! so crazy and super excited!! Also some older elder gave me some chopsticks so I could get in touch with my inner Asian!!!

love you all, thanks for all the support!!

Love Elder Hunter Hanks

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