Monday, September 7, 2015

Up & down it goes and so many connections!

Aug 31 2015
So this week nothing really special happened so I apologize in advance is this one is a little bit more boring than normal. So I have gained a total of 6 lbs while being here! So now I have taken up running so hopefully that helps a little bit! 

This week I got released from being the district leader. I have served my time, of 3 weeks. But it was a great 3 weeks I learned a lot from this position. Also this week I was called on to say the prayer in sacrament meeting and it was in chinese. I was so scared that I was going to mess up like that kid last week, so to keep it simple,  I made that prayer very short and sweet to say the least, and I think no mistakes were made.

This week was a very sad week for our district. we are losing one of our favorite teachers. His name is Jacob Ladd and he was awesome-  I love that guy. But because he is going to school at byu this fall he can no longer be our teacher anymore!! Saddest day ever he was awesome, so we get a new teacher this week lets hope he doesnt disappoint. But most of the MTC teachers are sweet so I'm not too worried.
Bro. Ladd is the one in the middle with the "bunny ears" (not sure of the order here...)
The District - Elder Ferrell, Elder Anderson, Elder Gasser, Bro. Ladd, Me, Elder Bradford,  Elder Schwemmer

Chinese is coming along, slowly but surely. Its very hard but I am improving everyday! I can understand a lot that is being said to me, and I can say a lot too, but still a whole lot to learn. Buts its okay because I got a month left here, which reminds me that this wednesday I  hit my one month mark, thats so crazy time has flown by for me! One down and 23 more amazing months to go!

Love you all and hope all is well

Love Elder Hunter hanks
and here is your classic map picture

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

Sept 7 2015
So this week was an awesome week and lets begin right off the bat!

First thing is we had an awesome devotional where we had Elder Dalin H. Oaks come and talk to us about become better missionaries it was the coolest thing ever. I was like 50 ft away from an apostle of the lord. It was the coolest thing ever!

Second, we got two new significant people in our branch. First off we got a new Branch President, his name is President Newel, he seems like a nice guy so far!! Also I got a new teacher and he is kinda funny but it fits him. I will send a pic next week of him,- its pretty great!!! 

3rd-  I had a very weird realization this past week. So the significant people in my MTC experience are all connected to missions that my family has served in! 
My host is going to Argentina where my uncle Troy served.
My teacher and 3 of the kids in my district are going to Taiwan where my Uncle Cory served. 
My new Branch president is a recently returned mission President from Stockholm, Sweden, where my dad served.
My companion is going to Singapore, where my brother is serving currently and my new Chinese teacher served in the same area as my brother and knows him! 

Everywhere I go there is a Hanks influence somewhere!!! 

The tie is from Ammon, Hunters brother, (who is serving in Malaysia).
The tie is made out of beads & has the Union Jack flag beaded into it just for Hunter.

we added covers to our scriptures, I guess you can say I have now "crafted" ! haha! 

All the action happens here people- our classroom! 
Its been great and less stressful not being the district leader and all, but I do miss being it sometimes, It's always good having responsibilities and things to do.The new district leader is Elder Gasser, he is the curly black hair kid, companions with Elder Ferrell. Also elder Ferrell is our new Zone leader, so he will be awesome at it. I knew he would be the one to fill that job!! He will be awesome!

Also I started running and I have lost 3 lbs so yeah for me- lets hope that I can keep it off!!! 

Sorry its short this week but life is all good here!! Love you and and I am so grateful for all your prayers and everything.

Love Elder Hanks
Sorry Schem- Had to post this its such a good look! 

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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