Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Always listen to the Holy Ghost and look out for English spiders!

So this week has been a pretty good week with some aspect of things. It was transfers this week so thats why I am emailing today, every six weeks when we have transfers our p- day gets moved to tuesdays, so just prepare for that every 6 weeks. I am eating a lot of chinese food so I will probably grow to like it more, I do get some american and english food once in a while and the members here are so good at feeding us too! 

But this week has been a little slow in regards to teaching and finding people - and here is why. This is the time when all the college students are writing their final essays and doing their exams right before Christmas Break, so all of our investigators are saying that they are too busy with homework to meet with us. But they say that they are interested in the gospel - they simply just don't have time. So they tell us to come back during christmas time to teach them. So you can bet that I am bugging some college students around christmas time!! 

So just quickly want to share an experience that me and Elder Chen had this last week. We have a new investigator and he is a college student at York University, his name is H......... He is a very smart kid, and has been in england for 7 years. He has met with the missionaries before, however they stopped teaching him, I'm not exactly sure why but they did. Anyways,  so we thought we would try giving him a call and see if we could teach him, he answered and agreed to meet us. Me and elder chen were in personal study when elder chen asked me, "what are we going to teach Hao?" I had no idea, I had never met him, I didn't know anything about him, I was honestly stuck. Then a couple minutes later elder chen showed me a video of the dedication of the GIlbert Arizona Temple, and said "I think we should show this video to him." I watched it and thought how on earth is a dedication video of a temple in the united states going to help him? Elder Chen told me he had a really good feeling about the video and really thought we should share it, so who am I to say no to the holy Ghost and also my trainer, so I said alright lets show it. 

Well of coarse he was right, we met with H...... and started to teach him, we found out that he had been taught all the lessons by the previous missionaries but never accepted baptism because he had ONE problem with the church. That was dealing with the law of Chastity. However after showing this video to him, he opened up and said that the temple was a place he wanted to go with his future wife. We were in! He then told us if we could help him resolve this one problem, he would be baptized. 

So amazing that something like that can changed the mind of a person. So later this week I believe we are meeting with him and hopefully we can help resolve this concern of his. What a blessing it was to follow the promptings of the spirit. So hopefully more experiences can happen like this. 

England is good and I hope that you all are doing well. The only bad thing is,  there one major problem for me - this will gross some people out-  is the spiders here and yes they are huge ! So that's gross!  So here is a spider and then here is the oldest school in the world built in 627 A.D. So thats super cool, its called St. Peters school and its like a middle school here So sweet for those kids! 


Alright well till next week


-Elder Hanks

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