Monday, October 19, 2015

First week!

So this week has been one busy week thats for sure, and I am not sure how long this letter will be,  but I will try and make it worth while! 

Me and my companion have been working really hard and its starting to pay off! This week alone we got 18 new potentials or people we can try to teach, so that was really good - good to the point where our mission president called us on the phone and told us how proud he was of us. So that was really good to hear, and a confidence booster for me, because I really needed that. 

But this week we also got our new flat/apartment and yes that amazing garage is ours. Its so cool and actually the most expensive flat for elders in the mission so we are a little spoiled I know. But its been really good to actually have a place to call ours.

my zone..! 

my english attire

So our investigators are mainly chinese, and mainly girl college students from china. But thats okay because it's helping with my chinese a whole lot and has been super beneficial to me to have a chinese companion to help me out with my chinese! He is awesome and so caring and really loves being a missionary. He is a convert to the church and he and his younger sister are the only members in his family. He is so great and really does love this gospel so much- he is so awesome! 

So on the first night that I was here we taught a lesson to this chinese girl right!! Well now we have continued to teach her, and this week we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!!!! She has come to church with us twice and comes to FHE every monday. So I am super hopeful that she will be my first baptism!!! Her name is Y......... and I pray everyday that she will find the faith to continue on to baptism. Its would be so awesome to have her be baptized. So wish me luck in regards to her!

Also with our other investigators we are hoping to get more scheduled to be baptized this week so lets hope so!! Anyways sorry this one is a little short but its been awesome this week has been awesome. On monday we were able to go to the York minster which is the biggest and oldest building in York so that was super cool and pics will be on my blog if you want to see what its like!! But I love  you all and the church is true, I have no doubt about it!! If you are doubting or may be struggling, the only thing I can invite you to do, is to pick up that amazing book we call the book of mormon and read that!! It will bless your life more than you can possibly imagine!!
Love you  all!

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