Monday, October 12, 2015

Jolly ol' England!

Alright everybody I am going to type as fast as I can to get as much in as possible. If you want to see pictures your going to have to go to my blog that my mom makes for me because its too hard to attach all of them to this email. Sorry for the inconvenience!

My mission president Pres. & Sis. Pilkington. They are
from Manchester England.

Alright so traveling was a hassle thats for sure. But hey, look I made it to England all my bags are here and I am slowly adjusting to their sleeping time. It was a super long day flying all day long, but I am glad that I wasn't alone. The hardest part about traveling was the fact that everyone around you was watching movies, or playing games, or listening to music, and I sat there are read chinese grammer books, and read my scriptures, and stared at the ceiling because their is no where else to look!  So that was awful but its ok its a small sacrifice for being in such an amazing place. 

Alright well lets go to it shall we! My companion Elder Chen, yes is he full Asian. He is from mainland china and he has terrible english to be quite honest. So there is a small language barrier between to two of us. 
Elder Chen from China! 

But thats ok because I teach him english and he teaches me chinese so it all works out. One funny thing iIguess you could say,  is that i came to england with the expectation that I would be eating regular or somewhat regular food and get to avoid asian food. Well boy was I wrong!  My companion loves to cook, like loves it, so he cooks all the meals, and guess what THEY ARE ALL CHINESE DISHES!!!!! So yay for that! Jk it hasnt been that bad- but lets just say i was super excited to go shopping today so I could grab myself some regular food here. The one thing he does though that I think is hilarious, is he asks me the same question about every 10 min. "how you feel" in a chinese guy accent and way. "You Happy?" Its awesome I just laugh and say yup still ok! Its awesome I love that guy. 

England is like the coolest place in the world. There are old churches and buildings everywhere. Like everywhere you go there is a 18th century church -its the coolest thing in the world! Ohh I guess I should say I am serving in the York area. And its so cool they have a massive minister in the middle of the city and later today I get to go to it so next week there will be some sweet pictures of that. But everything here is so weird and backwards compared to america. They drive on the left side of the road, their yellow light means start going instead of slowing down, that one kind of scared me! I thought that yellow would be a universal thing but it just wasn't! We use the bus system to get around, so I ride on Double Decker buses all day every day so that's an awesome dream come true for me! The major problem here in York is that everyone smokes here- like even kids here smoke, so you smell smoke literally everywhere. But the people here are hilarious their accents are super funny and the second I start to talk they interrupt me and say, "are you from america?" happens all the time!  And there are chinese people every where in this place. Like no joke Everywhere!!!!  It's so great! 

So saturday nights here are so crazy. They are totally opposite from kaysville. On saturdays here, all the lads get dressed up in their suits, and all the ladies get dressed up in very inappropriate attire, and they wander from pub to pub drinking and meeting people. So we were out street contacting and you literally see drunk people fall over all the time and yelling at the top of their lungs the weirdest things. Its awesome- I love it- but kinda scary at times. so if you have any questions regarding england feel free to ask, because thats all I can think of at the moment.

My flat (apartment) is a temporary situation they are getting me and elder chen a new apartment to share with two other elders so I didnt bother to send a picture of it because its a temporary thing, but next week you can expect to see more pictures of me and my flat and stuff. I have had some amazing experiences here, and I have taught only 2 lessons here but thats ok because numbers aren't important its the message we bring. So hopefully we can get some more, we have a lot of potential investigators who say they might be interested in the church, so hopefully this week we will be able to change them to actual investigators. Also my mission turned me into a massive cry baby, haha -  I cry all the time- its bad but oooh well, thats what you get when you are trying you absolute best to follow the holy ghost every single day. So watch out when I get back, I will be crying over everything. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

Also finally got to see one of these awesome things so yeah for that!!! 


  Also here is me in the airport waiting after my 9 hour flight to amsterdam, and elder ferrel was sleeping so I was bored and took a picture.  

one more DHS boy! 

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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