Monday, November 2, 2015

Cheers & happy birthday Mate!

So this week was a hard week in regards to our investigators. We had very little success in finding new people to teach and also teaching people. We focus a lot of college students, the Chinese ones of course, and well with Christmas break coming up they are having a hard time with school and such, so no one wants to meet with us because they have no time to. However we were lucky to finally meet with one Chinese girl her name is Y..........., she is super nice and we were able to just get to know her a little bit better than we taught her a little bit about families, and how we can have families together forever!! Well, she enjoyed the lesson and then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! SO PLEASE pray that she will keep our commitments and have a spiritual experience. I am hoping so badly that we can continue to teach her and have her come into the fold of the gospel. But 
hopefully this week will be better! Thumbs up! 
(This was from before the Oct 28th transfer because E. Wilson is in this picture-)
Must be a serious or respectful  monument.....?

So about our investigators and coming to church- because they are in England they can speak a little bit of English and can understand a little. So they just come to an English ward, and then Elder Chen translates for them if they don't understand so it works out alright -  they like it because they are all trying to learn better English - so they enjoy it. In fact,  we sometimes think I can help them with English and like help them with their essays and such - to make sure they have the right grammar for it. Which is a bad idea because I am not good at writing essays myself!  haha -  but it seems to make them more interested in talking to us so whatever! 

I made lasagna for my companion..... wasn't bad but wasn't great either....
So quick story, there is an priest in our ward who likes to talk to the missionaries  and well, since I am relatively new he thought he would try something out on me. He walked over to me and said to my companion, "Elder Chen let me give your new companion a proper hand shake". Well he tried to squeeze my hand as hard as he could and well,  it didn't turn out for him too well-  lets just say!! Because back in my home ward I used to do this to a guy in my ward, Brother Butt, and I always lost but hey!  my hand became stronger and it finally paid off!  So he won't be shaking my hand for some time now so that was pretty funny! 

So halloween here. Very lame here -sadly. We had to be in our flat at 6:00 due to the amount of dumb people.  They use it as an excuse to drink a lot and get drunk, and do some dumb things. So we got in to our flat at around 6:00 and then we just sat and listened to music and talked. Haha kinda lame! Halloween as a missionary!  And our flat is in a tiny street in a small circle thing, so we didn't even have anyone come to our door, which is too bad because we had book of mormons and pass along cards                                                                                          ready for them!! But yeah kinda lame Holiday this year....

Alright well I am out of time but I hope that I can write more next week. We had a problem getting on to the computers so we are short on time. Hope you all have a good week and I will see you all next week!! 

And yes it was my birthday today, and I have the greatest family ever! Thanks for my birthday present!

Happy Birthday with a table top finger soccer game for your desk!  

-Love Elder Hanks 

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