Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy Cold week & funny English signs!

Nov 23 2015

Alright hello there everyone!  hopefully this email will be better than the last one and I apologize for how short the last one was. 

So this last week was full of things, mainly being surprised and that’s okay because what’s a mission without a surprise. So the first thing that happened, that I never expected would happen,  is we taught a lesson right in the middle of the City Center....... McDonald's! That was a really interesting experience for sure!! But it was alright, we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I thought that it went really well, our investigator even said that she wanted to say the closing prayer which almost never happens with Chinese people, because our form of prayer is so foreign to them. But a miracle came out of it!! Before we met with this girl, she explained to us that she had lost her headphones on the way over to meet with us and she wasn’t too happy about that. Well, then we taught her and told her that we receive blessings from following Jesus Christ, and we can ask for blessings through prayer. Well she said the closing prayer and as we were walking outside to catch a bus with her, all of a sudden my companion looks down and finds a pair of headphones!! And yes-  as you expected they were her headphones!  In the middle of the town center, which might I add, has thousands of people walking through it every day!! She was so happy to see them and it quickly turned into a teaching moment, where we said Heavenly Father blessed her to find her headphones because she was willing to try her faith and say a prayer!! So that was a freaking awesome experience, and it was even in a McDonald's!! Gospel work and french fries! 

And here's our little Trio...! 

So the other thing that happened to us was for sure a major shock!!! Me and elder Chen were doing our planning on Tuesday night, when our phone rang. To see the AP's number is never a good thing (according to other missionaries) so elder Chen answers the phone very slowly and reluctantly, talks for a couple of minutes as says, "I’m training a different missionary!" with a very confused and scared look on his face! Which then got me scared, but it ended up that me and elder Chen got another Companion! So I am in a tri-companionship. Elder Liss joined us this past Wednesday from the Provo, MTC and it turns out that I was in there with him for about a week. So I knew him a little bit, but yes, now there are three of us chinese speaking elders in York, And it has been full of interesting experiences for sure. But we are excited to see what happens, especially with a transfer coming up in a couple of weeks, no one knows what’s going to happen so we will have to wait and see!

So our investigators are doing pretty good, the only problem is right now they are all finishing up the semester of school, so they are all studying for exams, and writing essays so it’s very hard to try and meet with them, because they say that they are too busy studying. But we talk them to them and eventually they come around! So that’s good, but it’s alright we will get them soon. Please pray for them to find some time to meet with us!! But you guys are awesome and thanks for all of the support you give me! 

Love Elder Hanks

England has got some pretty funny signs, so I got some pics with a couple!! 
Yep ... Yep He did!

not for Spiderman......! 

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