Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A testimony from England

So this week was remembrance sunday and let me tell you quickly what happens then i promised my dad I would share my testimony last week but I forgot to do that so that is going to happen next week so stay tuned for that! Sorry dad!

So Remembrance Sunday is different here, but cool. I think it is kind of like our Veterans or Memorial Day. We have during sacrament meeting a whole bunch of people go up and read their favorite poems about soldiers who died in the world wars, and then they sing English songs about war, and then the have a moment of silence for all those who died. Its actually really cool and really touching to everyone who participate in it, there were a lot of tears shed especially by the older generations. But because of this holiday, we missionaries all had to wear a red flower on our suit, called a poppy which is to symbolize respect for the dead and so we all have flowers on for this month. So that was a neat experience. 

As for our investigators we had a better week this week but hopefully we can get more. We had a lot of teaching this week, so that was really good and i am hopeful for the rest of our investigators, hopefully we can get them to come to church because church is so essential, even in our conversion. I love going to church here, although I do miss my home ward, people here are so nice and its good to have a different experience at church with a whole lot less people. 

Alright well crazy week so I'm sorry this week is so short, but i had a lot of people write (I assume because of his birthday) ! Next week will be better I promise!

Also thanks mom for the confetti cake and cereal!!! HOLY best thing ever, I ate the cereal very quickly, and to be honest I  didn't share any of it, well because i just loved it so much, hahaha - but I think heavenly father will forgive me for that!! Then we made the cake on the Nov. 5th, which was the English holiday. 

Love you all, see you all next week!!

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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