Monday, December 14, 2015

My new UT companion!

So as you all know this week was the sad departure of my previous companion elder Chen. And well,  I will be quite honest with all of you, that little chinese Elder became my new best friend, he was the older,  but smaller chinese brother I never thought I wanted ! haha! He was the greatest companion that I will ever have on my mission I am sure of it and I loved every single day I had with him. But now I am on to a new chapter on the mission. My new Companions name is Elder Von Cannon. Yes elder Von Cannon is from Clearfield, Utah,  like 10 minutes away from my house!  He is a very interesting kid and has a lot of things he likes to do. He is very very very very smart -  his favorite thing to do back at home was read Wikipedia for fun, he doesn't like sports and doesn't have much love for my sarcasm. But hey we are working through it! He is a great kid, and a good missionary, you can tell he really loves the gospel. He is a shy kid thats for sure, and we dont have much to talk about but thats okay, because I just sing songs, and quote movies and he just looks at me ! But hey its good, now I get to learn from him. I guess my training ended early for me, because well my trainer left, and elder Von Cannon has never trained before and didn't know what to do, so we just joke around and say that president forgot I was a new missionary!! 

But this week had some challenges and some good things too. The bad things first-  with it being christmas time there seems to be a lack of chinese people around here. Normally we go to the university area to find our chinese friends, well,  now with the university on Christmas break, we don't know where to find them, they seemed to disappear! Ether they all went back to china or they are staying in the flats trying to avoid the cold. So we havent found any chinese people yet, but thats okay because we know they are here somewhere ! -  we just got to go find them. It's like the biggest game of hide and go seek! But its all good, because when you do the lords work, he provides a way so I know he will take care of us.

Ward Talent / Christmas party
Some good things that happened this week. Our ward had a christmas party and that was really good, we got 3 investigators to come out to it and they had fun (I believe)  so that was really good! And they did a talent show so that was fun, some people do some interesting things here in england but I thought it was very fun and entertaining!  The next thing is well,  the ward here is so incredibly nice to the missionaries, we have so many tea appointments this month, that I think we don't even need to buy food this month, but along with that, we have been receiving a whole bunch of gifts from people in the ward and that has been so so nice! So missionaries here are well taken care of!  Thank so you much members of York! You are awesome! 

And then the last good thing and the best thing is, hopefully this week we will be having a BAPTISM!!!!!!! His name is A......., he is a business chinese student and we have been teaching him for some time now, and well he looks set up to be baptized this Saturday!! SO hopefully this will occur and I am soooo incredibly excited, he has his interview tonight and i know he will pass, so its looking good for us!! If so this will be my very first baptism!!!!! And not only that but his name is the same someone in my family -  sooo how cool is that !!

going on my first legit English train!

me and my Finnish friend that got transferred,  elder Mikkola! 

Anyways this week has been full of ups and downs, but thats okay because thats the life of a missionary!! 

I love you all, and the Church is true!!

The more you study the more you realize how amazing it is!!

Love Elder Hanks

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