Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another transfer week & some awesome happenings!

March 1 2016
Alright so to all those who wrote me this week I am so sorry if I couldn't reply or say a whole lts because this week has been pretty crazy and I wanted to let you all in on it, so most of my time was spent writing this right here, so I hope that all of you feel privileged. So lets get started with the week shall we. 

So first thing that happened was on Tuesday. We had a really busy day planned out and it was going to take a lot of effort to fit it all in. So we had accomplished all that we needed to but we faced a problem, we had a tea appointment with a member that night, but we also had ward coordination to go to as well, so it was going to be really tight. So we called the member to let them know that we were on our way, and the member said, that the tea appointment was for Wednesday not today, so luckily we called or else that would of been really embarrassing. So that allowed us to go to the meeting which was good, and after the meeting, since we hadn't eaten since like 11:00 we went back to the flat to make some food. well we got to the flat at about 8:20 and we are supposed to be in at 9:00 as missionaries. So we ate, and the time was 8:57 pm we had three minutes! We could of stayed in technically but instead me and Elder Von Cannon both looked at each other, threw our suits on and shoes, and ran outside to see if we could use the next 2 minutes to find someone. The first guy I saw I practically ran to him. I think I scared him a little, but ooh well!! I started to talk to him and he was a university student and was super cool!!! And the guy became a POTENTIAL!!! so hopefully we can meet him this week. But that was such a miracle and blessing, that when we were trying our hardest to do the work Heavenly Father Blessed us with a sweet guy!!! So that was awesome!!!

I was challenged at the YSA activity to a
handstand contest... Little did they know I am
pro at handstands- shout out to high school
soccer for all the practice! 
Then we come to Wednesday night and something even better happened. We have this investigator named J....., he is a 20 yr old university student, studying film making. We had taught him the importance of the Book of Mormon earlier that day, and then that night we were going to call him and set up an appointment for later in the week and to remind him to read the Book of Mormon tonight!! Well we called him and started to talk to him, and he says, "funny that you guys called, I am actually reading the book right now!!" it was awesome and then he goes on to say that he read the whole testimony of Joseph Smith in the front of the book and really liked it, and said that when he was reading, he had an "indescribable warm feeling that really made me feel some clarity in my life!"  BOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM He felt the holy ghost, and now is working towards coming to church and also his baptism!! It was soooo awesome!!!!! I love this guy - he is the greatest!! I am soo excited to see how he changes because we got a lot of things to overcome first, but I know that he will get there eventually. Please remember to read everyday, the Book of Mormon gives us more clarity, and peace than any other thing that we could possibly read!! I love that book so much, and know the role that it plays in our lives! It was such an amazing phone call I loved it so much. So after that we took him to the YSA Family Home Evening activity on Monday at the church. It was great because he got to meet members his age, and also see the chapel in a less formal setting than church and he said he really liked it there. What a miracle there!! I love this church and love the gospel!!!

Coincidence .... I think not! This could be a golden street!
Next funny thing that happened that I don't suggest for anyone out on missions or going to serve. on Monday we got let into this really old ladies home while knocking, so we taught her the first lesson.  She had no interest in the church but was willing to try reading out of the Book of Mormon so at least she did that. But as we were leaving we went to shake her hand bye! And she grasps, not just holds but grasps my shoulders and pulls me in and gives me a kiss (on the cheek) it wasn't even a light peck or anything but it was a good while, at least it felt sooo,  but still way against mission rules! I then looked to poor Elder Von Cannon who looked mortified, because he knew what was coming and he got the same thing. To say the least, we left pretty quickly after that, and that changed the whole mood of the day!! But hey I got kissed on my mission!!;)

Haha that was soo fun! The next thing that happens though was on Saturday and I just want to say how awesome it was. We were knocking around in a little village called Fulford, and we were knocking some doors and we weren't having much success, but we came to this door and there was CHINESE stuff everywhere!!! So we were golden, we knocked and this guy named P....... answered the door. He is from Mainland China and we started to talk to him. The next thing I knew, was the fact that I knew what he was saying. For the first time I think on my mission, I was able to talk to a guy, without having to guess what they were saying. I understood about 90% of it!  And so did elder Von Cannon. It was such a great experience, and really motivated me to learn more so I can have more experiences like that. The guy wasn't bothered with religion but we luckily had a Chinese Book of Mormon on us so we gave it to him, and he said that his wife would probably read it. So hopefully it gets her, and her name is even Amanda, so that was pretty sweet. 

Then we get to Sunday. And history of my life was made. So first you should all know, Elder Von Cannon is a pretty shy kid, he doesn't do crowds very well. So with that in mind we were at church on Sunday, and waiting for the meeting to start you know being missionaries, welcoming everyone to church. With two meetings before the meeting actually starts, the ward secretary comes up to me and says, will you and elder Von Cannon give a talk....  I thought yeah no big deal. He then says, "great you will be the first speaker today, and then other people will talk!" "Wait you mean today!?????????" and he laughed and said yes! So next thing I knew I was up giving a talk in sacrament with nothing to go off of, besides the fact that the other person was talking on the atonement so he said to talk a little about it, but not too much because she already is! So with no preparation at all, I got up by myself and gave a talk about the importance of turning to our Father in Heaven in prayer and in need of the Atonement. I thought it went alright, but who really knows!! But it was terrifying, giving a talk is already bad, but then being unprepared makes it even worse! So that made for an interesting day at church!

Now the moment that you have all been waiting for the Transfers news.... who know maybe its only me that cares, but anyways here we go. . . . 
Last picture with my awesome flatmates.. Elder Walter &
Elder Manu'a were transferred this week.

Elder Von Cannon is staying in York and I am...................................................................... ALSO STAYING! Me and elder Von Cannon are staying together for another transfer! It will be a great six weeks!!! The funny part is, every single companionship in the York area is changing, all 7 of them, besides me and Von Cannon. Our two flatmates are also leaving so we will be getting two new guys, but for me I will be staying in York, which means I will be in this area for over 1/4 of the mission. But its good because we got some people that I really want to stay with and teach, like Joe, so I am glad that I am here!! Well thats it for me you guys!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week. And just so you know, Heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers, this week has been a week of prayers, and let me tell you. I testify to all of you that God knows you personally and knows what we need. When we turn to him in prayer he turns to us in love! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Love Elder Hanks

Look at this tree I found in the middle of someones yard!  Oh England...! 

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