Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zone training & whaaatt?!

March 14 2016
Zone Training meeting

one last picture with Elder Von Cannon

So to all those who wrote me this week I promised that I would do better at responding this week but then some pretty crazy things happened so I will have to let you guys in on what happened this week.

So this week started of like any other week. We had the new elders in our flat, they are awesome and we were back in the groove of working. We worked hard that week and we were looking forward to meeting with all the potentials and people that we were working with.

So this brings us to Wednesday, where we have our Zone training. It was great we learned a lot from it and even the assistants to the President came so that was unique. Prior to Zone training, me and Elder Von Cannon were asked to do a training model on street contacting, where we do a practice situation of something that we encounter on the street. That was pretty fun to do, and you play and pause and get peoples impute on how it can be better and all. I love training models you learn so much in them. Anyways we had a great Zone training and then we went out and worked. We found a new investigator that day, her name is Becky and she is a university student, so it was fun to invite her to church and she is excited to read about the Book of Mormon! But that was fun, we got to the end of Wednesday night and we were at a tea appointment and our phone kept buzzing in my pocket but we couldn't answer it. So then we were off to teach a member and well that when I decided to look at the phone! And well it was the A.P's! Now normally when they are calling its not the best of things. So they had texted us, and called us, and left us messages and all. So we called them back and they talked to us about what we liked about Zone training, and how we are going to apply it. It was good, but then came something out of nowhere! They said "Elder Hanks can you help us out with something?" "Yes" "Great we need you to go down to Sheffield tomorrow morning!"

Now wait hold on here a second. In York we had a Zone leader go home because he had hurt his ankle and it needed to be fixed so he went home. So that cause a massive ripple effect! SO because of this, I got Emergency Transferred to Sheffield. Yes right now I am in Sheffield my new 2 area. I am serving with a lad named Elder Cottrell! Now the funny thing is.. .. .. Elder Cottrell served in York 1, I was in York 2! we knew each other and talked often. Well he left at transfers and I followed a week later. He is from Centerville, Utah! I know crazy right!!!! He went to Viewmont and I went to Davis! Lets just say that we liked to banter a lot about high schools. But he is awesome I love serving with him, he is just the coolest guy ever. If you want to learn a little bit about him you need to go to google, and type in Joseph Cottrell and look there. And yes that is my companion! So I am here now in Sheffield, sad that I left behind Elder Von Cannon and our investigators, and the great ward there. But now I am here in Sheffield with elder Cottrell. We are area booking the area, so we have no idea how to get anywhere, our flatmates are the Slovak elders so that's kinda cool. But Sheffield is so different from York, has hills all over the place, its like the English version of San Francisco! The city is huge so much bigger than York, and we need to use, buses, trams, trains. all of it! But I am really excited to see what happens here. The ward here is great they love the missionaries, because there is only 2 of us not 8. We get tea appointments every night so that will be nice! I am looking forward to what Sheffield has to offer. So I hope you all know that I am doing great and know that this transfer will be a good one!! Love you All and the Church is true!

Elder Hanks

Sorry I will send more pics next week just kinda a hectic week! 

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