Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happenings this week of jolly Ol' Sheffield

April 25 2016

Alrightly everyone I need to apologize in advance because this one is going to be a shorter email this week. But let’s get started into the week and what's happening over here in England.

old church in the middle of town
This Sunday we were able to have the Confirmation of our recent convert C........ Which was really great, now she has the Holy Ghost and she will be able to use it for the rest of her life. Then right after that, she goes" now that I am a member, you guys are coming over to my house for tea!" So that will be fun and great to continue to see her after this massive step in her life, I love this gospel and what it does to people. It’s the best thing that this gospel does-  bring about change in people!

This week was actually one of the greatest weeks of weather that we have had here in England. So sorry mom but we actually had some great times (because mom always thinks its cold, rainy & cloudy) . There was a solid 3-4 days of just sunshine and it was the best, because we didn't have to wear our massive coats and people were out and about, and no joke people, English people are so much nicer when the sun is out! The happiness is just flowing over here. So if any of you decide to come to England make sure that you come during the summer time, because that's when all the people here are happiest.
Awesome Sheffield district!

This past week me and Elder Cottrell we lucky enough to go on some exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It was way fun- I went with the lad Elder Smith and we had a great time together. It was pretty much finding the entire day, which usually makes for a long day as a missionary, but it was actually kind of fun to be out with someone else. It’s fun to see the personalities of missionaries when they talk to people because we all do it differently! But I had a good time with Elder Smith and I learned a lot from him.

Us & the Zone Leaders

                                                        So this week with our investigators!

T....., our Jamaican friend- we were able to meet with him this week and we set up a plan for him to quit smoking and drinking, and we set a goal for him to be baptized on the 22 of May. So we are working towards that and he said that he can come to church this week, so that will be an amazing thing. But quick cool story. So T..... he only has one leg and then he has a prosthetic leg as well. We found out what happened!  Some gang members over here thought that he was someone else and they shot him, so yeah his leg was shot off! cool right, I  mean not really but                                                                                                                like wow!

S......and S.....
Well we are still working on getting them married but we want to make sure that they are doing it for the right reason and not just getting married in our church because it’s free. We want to make sure that they have a testimony of the Gospel first and then we will get everything else with them set up! But it was really good this past week with them.


 This next week me and Elder Cottrell have set up a lot of finding this week so we can try and build up our teaching pool. But we were able to find some really great people this last week so we are praying that now we can actually meet up with them, because that's the biggest challenge is you meet someone, then they never see you again. But hey what's a mission without people disappearing right!!

Love you all! Hope that you are all living up to your potential in the gospel and showing your heavenly father how much you love him!!

                                                                                                           Love Elder Hanks!

a little carnival by our flat

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