Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ahhhh it's transfer week!

Alrighty people this is going to be a really quick email this week, because we are having a party as missionaries and so this is going to be really quick! 

But this week we were able to give some service to his guy named G............ and now he is an investigator so that will be fun.

I am so exited to get a new missionary and to help him out I promise that next week I will be able to write more and say some more but this week was a bank holiday today and that all the libraries were closed down today so we had to email from our ipads and so that makes for short emails for everyone but next week will be a better email! 

Not much progression with our investigators, but I am still here in Sheffield to help them out a little bit. Also one really good thing that happened this week was C...... our recent convert gave a wonderful talk in sacrament and what made it even better was that this Sunday was her original baptism goal !  but instead she was giving a talk in sacrament meeting. so that was super awesome! 

Sorry this is going to be all over the place, but then we visited a less active named K...... and this guy is so awesome he was teaching us all this sweet stuff about mormon history and mormon doctrine, it was super cool, its just sad to see him not enjoying the blessings of the gospel. 

Also on sunday we were able to do some member splits and I  went with this guy named A........ he is the elders quorom president and we had a wonderful time visiting members and less actives throughout the ward area. I wish I had more to report for this week!  

Also transfers this week.!!!!  So a lot of things went on this past week. Lots of moves and lots of things going on. Two people in our flat are leaving. Elder Poggeman is being moved to a new area, and I am going to miss that lad, and then my Companion is also leaving me this week!  He is going to be the zone leader in Huddersfield. I am really going to miss serving with that guy and having fun together. So because of that I am getting a new companion tomorrow and to be honest I  don't know anything about him, like where he comes from or what he is like, I don't even know his name, and that's because I AM TRAINING!!!!!! I have never been so excited and more nervous in my life but I know that this is going to be a really good experience so we will see how that goes. I am looking forward to seeing my new boy! if anyone has any advice on training please let me know! Hahaha - alright sorry this was short and all over the place next week will be better with my little trainee!!!!!

Love Elder Hanks

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