Monday, May 23, 2016

Don't Drink People!

Alrighty everyone I am going to have to do this at a gallop here, but that's alright lets see what has happened this week.

One thing that was really cool that happened this week was we got a referral from the mission office this week. And well because of this we went right to them to see how we could assist them. Turns out they are a referral from St. George Utah! I know crazy right we got English people that know about Utah! But their names are G........ & M.........., they are an older retired couple and they own a small little cabin in the city of Cedar City Utah! They go there twice a year and finally decided to go check out the white castle in St. George and now she has a copy of the book of Mormon and reading a lot! Her partner not so much, but she is doing really well! So we now are working with them. so that is sweet!

We also met this lady named L......... this week. she is a mom with two little kids, who we met knocking and well she really had no interest in us, which is okay people don't have to like me, they just need to love the Savior right, So we started to talk to her and tell her what it is that we exactly do and well, she now has a copy of the book of Mormon and is scheduled for baptism! That was a great experience, now I just pray that we can help her progress towards that goal.

Something crazy that happened this past week that inspired the subject here! We were walking to an investigators house that was in the area, talking to people as we went and we were about there when I stopped this young lad on the sidewalk, (first mistake!) asked him where the nearest church was, (second mistake), then agreed to follow him to the church! (third mistake!) turns out that this guy was completely drunk out of his mind and couldn't walk in a straight line and was saying some pretty mean stuff about religion, but then comes the bad part! We come to a main road,

(now let me tell you about English roads, they are tiny, there is barely enough space for two cars on it, then cars park on the side of the roads, making less space and well there are cars and buses everywhere, so its always busy! )

our flat ceiling is under repair!
So this guy without any hesitation walks/stumbles out into the road without looking! (kids look both ways!) and cars are slamming on the breaks and dodging this guy in the road, and the whole time he is telling us to follow him. Well we didn't! then when he gets to the other side he realizes that we are still on the other side so he does the same thing back to come and get us!!! People he ALMOST DIED, LIKE 6 TIMES! Finally on the third attempt we got across when there was a bigger gap between vehicles, never ended up making it to the church with him mainly because we thought we didn't want this guy to go across any more roads! but yeah that was an exciting adventure and also a great testimony builder on the Word of Wisdom, it literally protects us people!!

So quick little updates with the people that we met last week, we were only able to get a hold of some of them and we didn't have the chance to even meet with them. All of them seemed to disappear this week, which was really sad and all the people that said that they would come to church didn't, but hey what can you do when your a missionary! Nothing?  NOOOOOO you pray your heart out for these people that they will have the desire and the heart to continue to learn about the Savior and what they will do for them!

I just wanted to end by sharing something with you,

I was reading in Alma 5 during sacrament meeting this past week and I had this thought come into my mind, and then I saw this picture on my ipad and really just solidified my love for the Savior. I was reading verse 48 which talks about the Savior. I love Jesus Christ so much without him everything that we face in this life would be so much worse! it would cause us to buckle to our knees, and sometimes it does! But with him he is there to pick us up, to lift us to bring us back even stronger with a firmer belief in him.

"He will find us,
He will lift you up and place you on his shoulders.
He will carry you home."

I know that our Savior and redeemer lives! He is the head of this wonderful church and he has the power to heal us! No matter what is broken! He continues to show me what is broken with me, all my weaknesses and then he shows me how I can make those things whole. But not just whole but even stronger! I testify of that! I love this church I love being a missionary! I love my Savoir Jesus Christ!!

Love Elder Hanks!

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