Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May started out great with the small but significant!

May 3 2016

Hello everyone it’s good to be back here again letting you all know how it is over in the rainy side of the world. This week was full of fun things so let’s get started!

The Sun is out! 
This week me and Elder Cottrell got to go on exchanges with some other elders because the zone leaders felt bad that we don't get the chance to do any because all the missionaries in the district are sisters -so we can’t do that now can we.....!  So this week we did a little exchange and I went with Elder Gerlach, he is from Oklahoma and he goes home this transfer so it was fun to talk with him about his mission, and about what he has learned and all his fun experiences so that was good! This exchange was one of the weirdest ones that I have ever had, let me tell you why. First off was, I chose the area that we should knock in since he didn't know the area, and well it turns out that the area was a congregation of Muslim families. So all we got all day was rejection (kind rejection might I add, Muslims are really polite) but it wasn't the greatest place for two Mormon missionaries! Then add onto that, we found a skateboard in a bush and we tried to use it while finding- so that was a sight to see- an American in a suit trying to stop people to talk to them while on a skateboard! But not only that but this week we had some more weather of rain, hail, sleet, snow and sun all in the same day. It was an exciting day for me and Elder Gerlach! 

This week we were able to use our priesthood a lot which is always a blessing to have the priesthood in our lives. I hope all the men out there don't take for granted the amazing blessing it is to have the priesthood power to bless the lives of those that we are close to. Use its power to help others-  That's WHY we were given it! This week we gave Sister ......... a blessing after our district meeting, she is a new missionary and has been having home sickness as we all do! But we gave her a blessing and it was great to use that priesthood again, I haven't given a blessing in a long time and it was good to use it! Also we gave a blessing to a recent converts son, who has been sick for a little bit so we were able to give their son a blessing which was such a fun opportunity they are such a cute family from Africa 

 So two highlights of the week.

Also one fun thing that happened this week was when one day we decided to go the small portion of the University that we have in our area and do some finding! WOW that was so fun, talking to university students is the best - They are so open to new things and learning and aren't afraid to ask questions, which is the best part as a missionary, being able to answer questions! I love questions- if you every have any questions about England or anything please feel free to ask!! Anyways that was fun and it’s even better when you get to use Chinese! So that brings me to a fun little story. We were walking down the road one day and it was in the middle of nowhere, when all of a sudden a little Chinese family came around the corner! There was 3 kids and a mom, so that was unique! However Elder Cottrell-  I think got more excited than I did! That's because he didn't have to do the talking! But I went up and started to talk to them, and all the little kids started to ask me a whole bunch of questions about America, how I could speak Chinese and all, and it was really fun to be able to talk to them, and understand them a little bit, because I haven't used my Chinese in sooooooooo long it feels like! So that was awesome!!

Fun little thing that happened. Yesterday while doing some knocking we ran into this guy who had no belief in anything and was countering everything that we said. We didn't want to bash but elder Cottrell likes to prove his point which is a good thing to have. But the thing wasn't really going anywhere so then I just said something that I thought was small and nothing big and then the guy said this to me, "ooh you're good. You should be the Prime Minister you know what you are doing!" so that felt really good, but don't worry pride quickly left me at the next door! haha ohhh well!

This past sunday we had a great experience with the bishop of the ward. Bishop ........ is soooo amazing I love this guy! We were talking about obedience,well about everything to be quite honest and he said something that I have never thought about. First off though, people, the gospel is true I have no doubt about it, I love it! This is Christ church, but the Bishop said, "Even if the church wasn't the true church and we all died, and when judgement came, would you be afraid because of the life you lived? No you lived the gospel, gave service, no drugs, marriage, being kind to others, worship, praying, learning! All the things that the gospel teaches are blessings!" I have never thought of that before! The church is true, but even if it wasn't, we have no need to fear by living its principles.

To end I would just like to share with you something small but significant! I know that Jesus is the Christ and through him all things are possible. If you turn to him he will turn to you. I promise all of you that!

Love you all, and have a great week, and happy mother’s day to all you moms out there!!

Love Elder Hanks

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