Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A-up laddy's !

July 24 2016
Happy without our suit coats- it's actually hot !

Found a new English phrase called A-up and it’s the best thing to say, hahah you feel just so funny and well its cool. Anyways holy moly people can I just say hottest week of my life, for the first time on my mission, which has almost been a year people, ONE YEAR, I went outside for the first time without a suit coat!  It was so hot that we went without suits for 3 days straight! I know crazy defying the laws of weather here in England! It was amazing but felt so weird I forgot what it was like to not wear a suit! But the weather definitely was a bonus for this week, and also I guess this thing called Pokémon Go? ever heard of it! yeah it makes missionary work so hard because people are too worried about catching their Pokémon but hey its getting people outside and in our paths so that's really good I guess! So let’s give you some updates on the gators shall we.
This car has 3 wheels...! 
well he is still j.... we are still working with that funny lad. He is planning on coming to church this next sunday and he loves his quad bible! We gave him one and now he uses it to brag to his Jehovah witness friends that the bible we gave him was better because it has more, so that was sooooooooooo good to hear!!! But we are taking our time to teach him - but things are still going good for him.

so this is one of our new investigators and she used to have missionaries over when she was nine now she is like mid 20s' but she is the best! she loves to learn about god and loves to meet with us brings back lots of memories and the best thing about her, is she is obsessed with America so she loves our accents and when we talk about home so we will have to see what she is like more when we teach her this week. The only problem is she’s not a fan of church because of her childhood-  which is a really common response, so we will have to work around that little bugger!!

She is soo funny she always talks about how she loves jesus but hates god, why,  I am still not sure -she hasn't explained yet but we gotta work on that! people don't hate God- not good. But she has a little 10 yr old and he is cool we talk about soccer (football) all the time and now he loves us because I played it and he always talks about what is happening,  so I get all the updates too, so it’s a win win for the both of us!
English gardens...?

Hahaha we have more investigators but for the sake of time and for me, I  wanted to share something with you guys so I will have to skip them. But this week was sad because we had to drop 4 investigators! holy moly soo many but yeah it was really sad!!

And you thought we rode bikes in England...

Now people what I have been waiting to share with all of you. I have been thinking a lot about the temple recently and I have learned sooo much about the temple and how amazing it is. I have always loved the temple but now I love it even more, and my thoughts have gone this way because of many reasons such as friends getting married, me not having a temple to go to, reading conference talks about temples and more and more. but this is something that I came up with after hearing this quote,

"The temple is the greatest University the world has to offer" so I started to think was does a university offer and what does the temple offer! this is what I came up with and look at the difference between the two.

                               University                                                               Temple
                         -hundreds of degrees                                           - one degree of Glory
                         - thousands of classes                                         - one celestial class
                        - hundreds of teachers                                          - one Perfect teacher
                        - a chance to get away from home                       - The closest place to home
                        - meeting new people                                           - serving people
                        -  social life                                                            - Eternal Life
                        - stress, homework                                                - Peace and solace
                        - long lasting friendships                                       - Eternal families

"I love to see the temple, i'll go inside someday!" Please take advantage of the temple and go and see how the lord can instruct you to be better! I love this gospel and love being a missionary! The church is true!!

love Elder Hanks

one of my souvenirs from my family's trip to Singapore 

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