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Hello there everyone! Just going to apologise in advance for this novel of an email! But this week was AWESOME!!!! I hope you guys are all enjoying the heat of August while we have some nice sunny and HUMID days here in England! It has been so fun so as usual, let's get stared shall we?

Ceremonial burning of the white shirt at 1 year!  

This week has been full of just hard work and finding, but we have been able to find a lot of really fun people and some really nice people, as well which always has a positive effect on the week! So something crazy happened this past week which just had a major impact on my mission and will continue to do so until the end of my mission. Now before I go into this all must know that I have a deep love and admiration for my previous mission president, President Pilkington. Since the beginning of my mission under the direction of President Pilkington we have had something called the Code of Conduct.  This has been a set of additional rules in this mission along with the guidance of the White missionary handbook. It  included some thing like no playing sports, or not using iPads to email, no card/board games, no instruments, and a bunch of other rules that President Pilkington felt impressed to use. However under President Turvey the Code of Conduct has been abolished!! Meaning we are now free to play sports and use our iPads to the fullest, play certain games and have instruments! It's so crazy it's like everything I originally knew is now gone and we can go and do things now! So this past week me and elder Leavitt have been running down to the park in the morning and playing basketball for our exercise now! It's been a blast! and I wish I had a ton to write about regarding people and all but I thought that I would just do a quick little summary of how this past year how's been so amazing!  But before I do that I just want to show you how good our Heavenly Father is! 
It was a Tuesday evening, we had just concluded a tea appointment with one of our amazing members, the G............. and we had to leave in order to catch a bus to get back to the chapel for our Ward Coordination meeting. We had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the bus stop and we had looked at the time and knew when it was coming, well we thought we did!  So buses here will not stop for you unless you are at the stop signalling for them to stop, not even if your close or running your guts out to beat the bus, they will NOT stop! Got there and the next bus was in like 25 minutes and that would make us late to our meeting, which is not first class service. So I got all upset that we were going to be late so I thought maybe we could go get a ride from a member to the chapel. While walking to a members, a bus came around the corner and it said, sorry not in service! Which actually happens a lot, Nevertheless....... It started to slow down while passing us and then eventually stopped in the middle of the road. "Beep beep" we went over and the driver opened the door and said, "are you those Mormon lads from Grenoside?" (where our church is) 
"yeah" never knowing if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing...right?!
"hop on,  I'll take you there!"
And guess what he drove right up to the doors of our chapel, and dropped us off! What a miracle! And yes we made it to the meeting on time! Bless that wonderful bus driver!

So not much to write about this week I regards to missionary work but something good that did happen was we found this really young couple named S...... and C........ and they are the coolest people ever! They are probably the nicest English people we have ever met and what's even better is, after we left they looked us up online and found out about tithing! So when we came back we taught about tithing as a second lesson, which isn't a normal occurrence and normally people always have problems with this one, but they both agreed with it,  that it was a good thing to do! hahaha what a miracle. They are really awesome!

C........! We have this awesome investigator named C........,  she is the best!  She just loves to talk and is just the nicest person ever. When she found out that I was hitting my year mark she made us cupcakes because she's a baker! And let me tell you her cupcakes were sooooooo good!! so she has had loads of missionaries around her because when she was 9 her dad was investigating the church, they came to church a couple of times, and at 9 yrs old she went to the Preston temple open house (still remembers the celestial room by the way!) she is so cool, loves America which always helps and her dad even says we can come over whenever we want to teach both of them. Now amongst all the good here, there is one bad thing. She like all our other investigators is on holiday for 2 weeks. So this next week is just going to be loads of finding people. Which is sad because transfers are on the 16th and I think I am leaving so I might not ever see any of those people again:( sad day!
Osmonds: so yeah crazy cool thing happened this Sunday. We had a stake fireside and the guest speakers were the Osmonds-  yeah I know pretty cool! The whole week we just invited tons of people to the fireside and Merrill Osmond asked all of the non-members to raise their hands and there were so many of them!  But to make a long story short Merrill just praised us missionaries and asked all the non-members for a favor to let the missionaries into their homes to simply explain why we do what we do. Sooo really cool that we have the Osmonds backing us up now! So there was Merrill, Justin, Nathan and Kristy Osmond who spoke and sung to us and it was so amazing - the spirit was so strong and they bore some powerful testimonies of the Gospel. Afterwards we were at the doors saying bye to people and two people willingly -for the first time, take a book or Mormon from me and asked us questions all on their own! It was such an amazing night! And to top it all off, all the missionaries ONLY in the Sheffield area got to come and then the Osmonds came over and hugged and thanked all of us-  so that w

as soooo cool, I have hugged the Osmonds! They shared a lot but I just want to share I story that Justin shared, so I want to share it with you.

A man driving down a long stretch a road, when all of a sudden his car breaks down. The man pulls over and begins to attempt to fix the problem. When he noticed a black limousine pull up behind him and a man in a business suit walks towards him.
"What seems to be the problem?"
- "I don't know, it just seemed to quite on me."
"Well I'll take a look, go start it up."
The man got into his car and instantly the car started up again.
- "amazing! How did you do it?"
"I know a little bit about these cars"
-  "Well why did you help me in the first place, clearly you are a successful man why would you stop to help me?"
"Son my name is Henry Ford, I am the creator of this car. And it breaks my heart to see my creation on the side of the road, not doing what I intended it to do!
Got back into his limo and drove away.

God is our creator and it breaks his heart to see his creation on the side of the road, not doing what he intended it to do! 
Obey the commandments, stay on the straight and narrow path (road) he will take car of us. God knows our problems and he knows how to fix them, if first we will be humble enough to listen and allow him to work miracles in our lives.

Sorry this is a long email, but quickly just wanted to say that this past year has been such an amazing year! Being a missionary is the greatest thing a person could ever do, it has changed my outlook a lot on life. I have seen miracles, felt the spirit so much and has seen the gospel change lives. It's so exciting and very sad to think that I have only one year left of being a missionary. The church is true people it really really is! Hope you all have an amazing week. Try to eat healthy, me and elder leavitt decided that we needed to eat healthier so we tossed all of our sweets, biscuits, candy, junk food, all the bad and we have eaten so much better hence the watermelon and salad picture. It makes you feel 10 times better and I am finally losing all that weight my Chinese companion gave me when he made us food 24/7!
Love Elder Hanks

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