Monday, August 1, 2016

Craziest week ever!

Holy Moly! What a crazy and busy week this has been for me and elder Leavitt the past couple of days, lots of things have been going on so we will get right into this week! shall we!

Tuesday! We had our zone training which is always a good thing to have, because you get to learn so much and see all of your buddies that you make out here on your mission! But we had a really good training on making goals and setting visions for ourselves and our areas, really inspiring and lots of funny events happened! But President Turvey came and he spoke to us as well about being our best! To be obedient! At first I thought that it was going to be really hard to have a new mission President, but it has been a really good experience President Turvey is such an inspired man! It will be a good year with him! Then all the departing missionaries who finish their missions bore their testimonies and they were really powerful!

Wednesday! We had our interview with President Turvey and his wife! They are just the best, you can tell how much they already care about us and to help us in anyway possible! The funny thing that always seems to happen as it did this last interview was we spoke about Chinese for 90% of the interview and with Sister Turvey after! So I am almost certain that I will be going Chinese again! Not quite sure how I feel about that, because I love Chinese people and love learning Chinese but I am not very good at it and because I haven't used it in 6 months so we will see what happens!

Thursday! We went on exchanges with our Zone leaders out in a place called Rotherum. I went with my pal elder Smith. And we had a lot of fun together! In one of the lessons that we had, their was a weight bar in the room and half way through the lesson we got challenged to see who could do the most reps with it. Hahaha and elder Smith played American Football and is a solid 5 inches taller than me and the guy we were teaching was just as big! So he went and then elder smith! And elder Smith won he got 13! And then the guys son says to me "you got to do it now!" There was no way I was going to go and embarrass myself. But after all four of them effing me on I went and well I totally won! I got 17! Hahaha I guess size doesn't matter after all! Anyways that was just funny and something to use against all those American football players who say that soccer is a girls sport! WHAT NOW!!!! sorry that's harsh but yeah European football is the true sport!

Friday! Was a really good day and I will tell you why! we had a lesson planned with our investigator named C.......! and she is the best she is just super nice and it has been so fun to teach her. So we went to her house and it was a downpour of rain so we really wanted to get in! We knocked and waited and knocked and nothing! she wasn't in! So back on went the hoods and we were walking away and after we had crossed the street and had walked about 20 yards, over the sound of the rain on my hood and over Elder Leavitt's voice, I heard "turn around!" So without any hesitation I did, all of a sudden - it kind of scared elder Leavitt! And there was C..... in her doorway with her little baby waving us back! Such an amazing experience and we were able to have an awesome lesson with her. unfortunately she is now going on holiday so we wont see her for 2 WEEKS!! such a long time! keep her in your prayers, that she will continue to read the book of Mormon!

Saturday! Alright so not much happened on Saturday, until the evening time! We had a lesson with our Investigator named P.......! and previously our lessons with her have been going alright, she wasn't too keen on the idea of a loving god, but that didn't stop us. So we felt that we needed to go back over the restoration! As we were teaching I felt like we needed to show the restoration video to her again, and we then talked about how we can receive answers to our prayers! And she just broke down into tears, the spirit was so strong and she told us all that rubbish that has gone on in her life, and we sat and listened and then Elder Leavitt bore a powerful testimony on the power of prayer and it was amazing!!!! Such a good lesson! The spirit is the best thing ever, and helps out soooo much! Now only one problem, she is also going on holiday for 2 WEEKS!!! What is going on with all these holidays! but still really good!

this week we weren't able to teach J..... he had a lot of things going on, but we will get him this week don't you worry!

Sunday! Well this started out with the greatest thing ever and then it went downhill. So we showed up to church after inviting all of the less actives and gators to come to church and no one had responded at all. So we walked into the chapel and there on the second row was D.......! One of our less Actives who hasn't been to church in 3 years!!!!! SOOOOOOO amazing! ahhhh it is such a good sight to see! We have done a lot of less active work over the weeks and we have one guy named D......, and he has come to church for a full month now!! SOOOo good! ahhh the church is true!! 

Anyways you might be thinking why would she come now, of all days! Well I was assigned by our lovely new bishop to give a talk! He told me that it would need to be 15 min! No big deal and that I would be the final speaker and my topic was "Reaching our Potential through the Example of Jesus Christ." It was a really fun topic to speak and study! Anyways so we used that to invite people to come listen to me speak and one came!! hahaha nice to know that I am loved! no but it was good to see them at church! 

So after the sacrament I go up to sit on the stand all by myself! "thoughts start to go through my head like "oh noo I am going to be the only speaker!" "my talk isn't long enough for 45 min!?" Luckily the youth speaker had to just go get his talk from his mom, so he was first and he spoke for about 2 min! Really nice talk by the way! then came the other adult speaker and she spoke for about 10 min! Really nice talk heartfelt and really good I enjoyed it. Then came the intermediate hymn and during the hymn I look at Elder Leavitt who is laughing and then comes the bishop sliding towards me on the bench! at this point I knew that this wasn't good. I glanced at the clock and it says 10:30 people! 10:30!!!!!!!!! bishop says, "hey if you could just try and make it as close to the hour as possible that would be great!! 35 min people! I prepped for like 15 min! and now I had 35 minutes!!! It was a real test of faith because I know that my talk shouldn't of lasted that long, but thankfully through divine intervention, I was able to get up and speak for 30 mins and not one person fell asleep on me, trust me I was watching! But wow that made for a rough sacrament meeting, and then people came up to me and were saying how they liked my talk, the bishop said "that was exactly what our ward needed to hear" So I think that it went well but not something I wish to do again!

hahahah yeah so that was the week for us! lots of things needing to be done, and most of them were accomplished! I am just glad that this next week is a normal week and we can buckle down and get to work! The church is true people I know that it is!!! A mission is the best thing that anyone could do! I am so grateful for it!

last thing! is happy birthday to my brother in law AJ on Friday!! Your awesome AJ thanks for being the best brother in law ever!!!

Take care!

Elder Hanks

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