Monday, November 28, 2016

Smallest Zone but big changes

Nov 21 2016

 Pano of  beautiful  Huddersfield!

This is how the Baptists advertise.... ! 

Wow what a wonderful week it has been for the Chinese YSA elders. So yeah cool thing found out this week that me and elder Liss are liked assigned to the YSA elders here so that should be super sweet! So let's get you guys acquainted with the area here. So sorry not too exciting of a letter.

L....... So he is our favorite gator who just passed his interview on Saturday and came to church on Sunday and we will be having his baptism. So we are super excited for him he absolutely loves prayer. Every time we ask him to pray he gets mad because he doesn't want to be asked he just wants to do it. So haha love hearing his prayers they are the best, it always reminds me how to properly pray. I'm really excited for L.......

Next up is R.....! So she came to church this Sunday and she really liked it. She is really close to working towards her date of baptism. She is just trying to convince her parents to give her the support behind it, but she is willing even if her parents say they don't support it. So we are excited for her.

This week we had Zone training and they asked me to do a training on boldness, and everyone really liked it. I wanted to make sure that people remembered what I taught so instead of going into too much details, I used an object to enhance my point. *see picture to find object.

So this week we went on exchanges with the other elders, and I went with elder Stumpp. He is from Idaho and is the biggest scouting fanatic I have ever met !  He is a new missionary, been here for like 7 weeks so fresh out of Provo. But we had some fun together, I didn't want to do Chinese work with him so we went knocking and WOW! I have gotten a little bit rusty on knocking, haven't knocked on doors in a couple of months so he kinda helped me out a little.

Our branch- the branch Pres. has been transfigured by accident! 

So this is where the changes part comes into play. So my mission has been quite unique. The beginning of my mission was mostly English work, knocking in doors, teaching members and less actives, all that common good stuff. Then I got switched to Chinese work, the best work. Which consisted mainly of finding and teaching investigators with some members here and there. It was great I loved it!

Now I am in a Chinglish (Chinese + English) area where we have to try and balance both. It has been quite the challenge because the work is so different between the two that, sometimes in an English lesson me and elder Liss will switch into Chinese, or the other way around. We get some confused looks every now and again. It's been awesome!

I don't have too much to write about this week. We did a lot of finding and got some really fun people, we are super excited for L....... this week and we also are looking forward to Zone conference tomorrow which always is an uplifting experience.

Love you all, have a great thanksgiving! Be grateful for what you have! Eat some pie for me!

Love Elder Hanks

Nov 28 2016 

Hey lads and lasses how are all you doing. Gotta apologize last week I dropped the ball, I forgot to mention thanksgiving. So happy late thanksgiving from elder hanks, sorry it's late it's just hard to remember in a country that doesn't celebrate it. But thankfully we had a wonderful family feed us a great thanksgiving meal, with turkey, stuffing, and pie all the good stuff. A little different from home but still good. In the spirit of thanksgiving thank you all so much for the support and love that you have shown me over this past year. You guys are just amazing. Nevertheless the time has passed and Christmas is in the bitter cold air of England, it has been nonstop Christmas music in the flat greatly anticipating the wonderful season of His Birth. I hope you all plan on doing the Christmas initiative. It's such a great idea.

So for this week, it was a pretty busy week for us. So I will get all the highlights. This week we had Zone Conference, and that was just sooo awesome. My favorite part about the whole thing was these things,
"Proper preparation prevents poor performance."
"Each of us is an innkeeper, we choose if their is enough room in our hearts for Christ." 
"You ARE the message, everything about you is the message, before you even speak. So make sure the message is the best it can be." 
It was a really great zone conference and got to see all my mission friends from all over. Saw elder Chen for the last time on the mission. He goes home on the 13th so farewell to my trainer! But it was great!

After this zone conference me and elder Liss were asked to stay behind by president which normally is a very scary thing for any missionary and it was. So us and a whole bunch of sisters, seriously me and Elder Liss were the only elders in the room besides the Assistants. But president talked to us about putting greater focuses on certain people, and those people were YSA. so he called/told us that we are now YSA assigned missionaries. Which we practically already are being Chinese speaking but he relayed to us that their are more things to now do, and some things we don't have to worry about anymore! But I am sooo excited, im a YSA missionary now! 

Morning exercise competition !! 

Then to end this week off, we had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we had the baptism of L...... and he was just sooo excited. We took a member with us to K......'s house on Friday night, and when we left the member said he had never seen someone so excited for baptism. So L...... was excited we were excited. The baptism went really well. No problems and lots of practicing to assure everything would work out. (Elder Liss practiced baptizing me like 28 times just to be sure!) but it was wonderful the spirit was present and L......... is so excited to be a member!

Oh also I have a new record for speaking in a ward. So in every single area I have served in I have given one talk. Well that has changed already. The 2nd week here in Huddersfield I noticed that the stand was quite empty and as the first speaker ended the conversation, I saw the bishop whispering into his counselors ears trying to figure out what to do. Then to have the second speaker end his talk early. You could see the panic on their faces. So I stared down the first counselor, and finally got his attention. Mouthed to him that if he needed to I would gladly speak. 

Quickly he shot the message into the bishops ear and the bishop perked up a little bit, look to see who I was because they didn't even know who I was yet! Debated for a little bit and then gave me a thumbs up and there I was up on the stand on the second week in Huddersfield. It was great. However only to have the same thing happen once again, that's right people I did it again! Two weeks in a row giving a talk in sacrament! If that is not fulfilling the statement in Preach my gospel of  "asking yourself if you are a blessing or a burden to the Bishop?" 

Me, E. Walter, E. Liss &  E. Ferrell 

It was a fun week this week but today's, it's Zone preparation Day so we are going to be playing some games. But this week was awesome! Remember to do your day of service this week on Dec 1st. Can you believe it, its already December!! That's sooo crazy!
Love you all have a Wonderful week, putting up the Christmas tree, turning on the lights, all that good stuff English people don't know how to do. 

Elder Hanks 韓長老

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It snowed my first day in Huddersfield!

Nov 14 2016 

Wow well this week has been one of a kind, haha it has been a really great week for me and elder Liss. 

Me & E. Liss -  you can't see England on our map due to it's celestial glory!   hahaha 

Elder Liss is such a great kid- he is so uplifting. He is always happy and it's really easy to be happy around him. It is cool because we knew each other in the Mtc, and we were trained by the same person, almost at the same time. We can already tell we are going to have an amazing next few months.So this week has been a happy week. But let me tell you this place is sooo different compared to Newcastle. But the little city of Huddersfield is great! 

And guess what it snowed the first day here in Huddersfield! It's going to be a great transfer, I can already tell. I know I said I would be focusing on missing Newcastle but I'm loving it here in Huddersfield! 

We have a couple of investigators that are doing really well. One is L..... he is progressing really well we taught him 3 times this week. Oh he is from China and he is just sooo funny. And we should be having his interview later on this week. So we are really excited to see what happens. He came to church this week and he really liked it. So we are excited for him! He is awesome.
how do you like my inspiration wall..? 

Our next investigator R...... is so amazing- she is such a miracle. So R.....'s  story is that she wanted to get closer to God so she prayed that she would find someone to help her accomplish that. And then elder Liss ran into her the next day and ever since then she prays and reads and yesterday when we met her she bore her testimony that she knows it true and even brought her friend F..... from Columbia and now we are teaching him as well!  So her baptismal date is set for the 3 of December.  So we are excited to work with her for these weeks.

My first day here I made a snowman! 

The Huddersfiled District !

But this week has been really good, I have never laughed so much on my mission. I am really excited for this week so we will see what happens! And for all the weeks to come!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

halloween, birthday and transfer week....ahhhh!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes you guys are awesome! It's a strange thought to think another year gone, but looking forward to a new decade! So thank you everyone.

Halloween for us was pretty fun. We spent all day p-day playing sports! Which felt so good to finally play some sports and to show me how out of shape I have become. But we played some rugby with some elders from Tonga and South Africa, and it was so fun. The only bad part was how sore we felt on Tuesday. But then we had a massive cleaning fest, and threw out almost 5 rubbish bags of stuff from our Flat! Some of the things missionaries will leave.......

So this week was a pretty good week for us. We had loads of finding this week, like loads of finding. So yeah that always leaves the feet sore at the end of the day, but it means we're working hard. 

On Wednesday (my birthday) we did another Zone service project, which was fun and really cold as well. But it's always fun to do service, and then that night we had a really good time when us, Elder Lui and Jensen, our recent Convert C.....M....., and the Elders investigator A..... who is getting baptised this Saturday. We went to T.G.I. Fridays, and wow we got the biggest burgers ever! They were huge I'll show you the picture of them, but yes it was a nice proper American burger! 


On Saturday we had something really cool happen. We got a call from the Zone leaders asking us if we could do a Skype lesson for the Elders down in York with a Chinese guy. So we went to the chapel and had a Skype lesson it was really cool. Now I'm just confused on whose investigator he is, their's or ours??.. 

So this week I have been doing something new in my studies, and I thought I would invite y'all to do the same. So recently while reading the scriptures I have been trying to find some scriptures that I would want to describe me. So if someone asked about who elder hanks was, they could say Jacob 1:10 or Alma 48:17. So if you would like to try it, feel free to do so!:)

Well everyone it's that time of the year when missionaries find out where they will be spending there Christmas, because this week was Transfers! And a lot of unexpected things happened here. So I am just going to say this quickly because of feelings and lack of time. So elder Zheng is now the DISTRICT LEADER FOR NEWCASTLE!!!! What! So fun being DLA is the best. Too bad it's not going to be me..  why ? because my time is Newcastle has run out! I'm moving to Huddersfield to be with my brother Elder Liss in the Chinese area down there! I am so sad that my time here is up and we'll it's going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. Next week I will talk more about this but we have to go to a meeting today for elder Zheng so I don't have much time!

Not much else to report on this week, except that the weather here is turning sooooo cold, the wind here in Newcastle is so big and well it leaves you shivering! Haha gotta love it! Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes! Hope you all have a great week this week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We know how to Halloween party...!

Perfect halloween weather ! Right?! 
Haha well this week was a little different from last week, hard to compete with Meeting and apostle. Not as much exciting stuff has happened but we will try and make this as exciting as possible alright!  But shout out to Elder King in Canada! Happy birthday man!

So first cool thing is we got this new investigator, and guess what his name is Mario! Yes I know Chinese, living in England with a name of Mario, and no he doesn't have a brother named Luigi. Don't ask me why? Because some of these names are sooooooo....... interesting! But he is awesome, we found him on a blitz me and elder Jensen. And so me and elder Jensen decided to have a little fun. So we started the conversation in English, and then to make it exciting, we at a random point of the conversation switch to Chinese and see how long it takes for people to recognise that we are speaking Chinese! Haha makes me laugh just thinking about all the puzzled, confused faces we always get.  But with Mario he was sooo shocked, that's probably why he was willing to meet with us, but we met him and then we had a lesson with him later in the week and scheduled him for Baptism on November 12th!! NICE! So that's Mario!

A guy getting baptized in the english ward &
wanted a picture with the Chinese speaking elders!
 Who wouldn't?! haha.
On Tuesday we had to take an adventure. So elder Zheng accidentally left his iPad on the coach from Mission Conference so on Tuesday we located the iPad and had to take my first bus since being here out to the middle of Nowhere to get it back. Luckily this sweet little old lady helped us get off at the right stop. But that took a huge chuck out of the day because there was only one bus that went there, and it came every hour. So we got there found the place and then had 50 min to contact Chinese people! Haha didn't exactly happen since we were out in the boonies, and ran into like 1 person the whole time!

On Friday this week we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with elder Stirling, he is such a great guy. But on exchanges..... we had some fun experiences. He wanted to see what it was like to do Chinese work so we went to town centre, and we'll to say the least we left after 20 min because he felt useless and so we went knocking in a Uni area and haha wow I am so glad that I am Chinese speaking. People just have the lamest excuses ever.

When guys are in charge of decorating for a party.....

So Saturday was pretty fun. We had a branch Halloween party, and it was really really successful. We missionaries were responsible for running the games, and we had a lot of fun doing it. We also had quite a few investigators come to the activity and have a lot of fun there so it was really beneficial.  

Also to end off this decent week, we had a lesson with S.......... our recent Convert who was baptised last week. And there she tells us that she finally got a job! And we are like "Whoaaaaaaa yayyyyyy AWESOME!" But down in Cambridge. And she said she was leaving in 3 days. So that was a shock, so now our newest member of the Branch is already gone, haha but luckily we were able to get her a temple recommend interview before she left and now she is going to try and go to the temple down in London. So that's sad to hear but it's a blessing for her to found work so we can't complain!

Well that's all I got for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, eat lots of candy and enjoy it, because English people don't know how to do Halloween but that's alright! Have a good week everybody!

Elder Hanks 韓長老
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