Tuesday, November 8, 2016

halloween, birthday and transfer week....ahhhh!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes you guys are awesome! It's a strange thought to think another year gone, but looking forward to a new decade! So thank you everyone.

Halloween for us was pretty fun. We spent all day p-day playing sports! Which felt so good to finally play some sports and to show me how out of shape I have become. But we played some rugby with some elders from Tonga and South Africa, and it was so fun. The only bad part was how sore we felt on Tuesday. But then we had a massive cleaning fest, and threw out almost 5 rubbish bags of stuff from our Flat! Some of the things missionaries will leave.......

So this week was a pretty good week for us. We had loads of finding this week, like loads of finding. So yeah that always leaves the feet sore at the end of the day, but it means we're working hard. 

On Wednesday (my birthday) we did another Zone service project, which was fun and really cold as well. But it's always fun to do service, and then that night we had a really good time when us, Elder Lui and Jensen, our recent Convert C.....M....., and the Elders investigator A..... who is getting baptised this Saturday. We went to T.G.I. Fridays, and wow we got the biggest burgers ever! They were huge I'll show you the picture of them, but yes it was a nice proper American burger! 


On Saturday we had something really cool happen. We got a call from the Zone leaders asking us if we could do a Skype lesson for the Elders down in York with a Chinese guy. So we went to the chapel and had a Skype lesson it was really cool. Now I'm just confused on whose investigator he is, their's or ours??.. 

So this week I have been doing something new in my studies, and I thought I would invite y'all to do the same. So recently while reading the scriptures I have been trying to find some scriptures that I would want to describe me. So if someone asked about who elder hanks was, they could say Jacob 1:10 or Alma 48:17. So if you would like to try it, feel free to do so!:)

Well everyone it's that time of the year when missionaries find out where they will be spending there Christmas, because this week was Transfers! And a lot of unexpected things happened here. So I am just going to say this quickly because of feelings and lack of time. So elder Zheng is now the DISTRICT LEADER FOR NEWCASTLE!!!! What! So fun being DLA is the best. Too bad it's not going to be me..  why ? because my time is Newcastle has run out! I'm moving to Huddersfield to be with my brother Elder Liss in the Chinese area down there! I am so sad that my time here is up and we'll it's going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. Next week I will talk more about this but we have to go to a meeting today for elder Zheng so I don't have much time!

Not much else to report on this week, except that the weather here is turning sooooo cold, the wind here in Newcastle is so big and well it leaves you shivering! Haha gotta love it! Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes! Hope you all have a great week this week!

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