Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We know how to Halloween party...!

Perfect halloween weather ! Right?! 
Haha well this week was a little different from last week, hard to compete with Meeting and apostle. Not as much exciting stuff has happened but we will try and make this as exciting as possible alright!  But shout out to Elder King in Canada! Happy birthday man!

So first cool thing is we got this new investigator, and guess what his name is Mario! Yes I know Chinese, living in England with a name of Mario, and no he doesn't have a brother named Luigi. Don't ask me why? Because some of these names are sooooooo....... interesting! But he is awesome, we found him on a blitz me and elder Jensen. And so me and elder Jensen decided to have a little fun. So we started the conversation in English, and then to make it exciting, we at a random point of the conversation switch to Chinese and see how long it takes for people to recognise that we are speaking Chinese! Haha makes me laugh just thinking about all the puzzled, confused faces we always get.  But with Mario he was sooo shocked, that's probably why he was willing to meet with us, but we met him and then we had a lesson with him later in the week and scheduled him for Baptism on November 12th!! NICE! So that's Mario!

A guy getting baptized in the english ward &
wanted a picture with the Chinese speaking elders!
 Who wouldn't?! haha.
On Tuesday we had to take an adventure. So elder Zheng accidentally left his iPad on the coach from Mission Conference so on Tuesday we located the iPad and had to take my first bus since being here out to the middle of Nowhere to get it back. Luckily this sweet little old lady helped us get off at the right stop. But that took a huge chuck out of the day because there was only one bus that went there, and it came every hour. So we got there found the place and then had 50 min to contact Chinese people! Haha didn't exactly happen since we were out in the boonies, and ran into like 1 person the whole time!

On Friday this week we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with elder Stirling, he is such a great guy. But on exchanges..... we had some fun experiences. He wanted to see what it was like to do Chinese work so we went to town centre, and we'll to say the least we left after 20 min because he felt useless and so we went knocking in a Uni area and haha wow I am so glad that I am Chinese speaking. People just have the lamest excuses ever.

When guys are in charge of decorating for a party.....

So Saturday was pretty fun. We had a branch Halloween party, and it was really really successful. We missionaries were responsible for running the games, and we had a lot of fun doing it. We also had quite a few investigators come to the activity and have a lot of fun there so it was really beneficial.  

Also to end off this decent week, we had a lesson with S.......... our recent Convert who was baptised last week. And there she tells us that she finally got a job! And we are like "Whoaaaaaaa yayyyyyy AWESOME!" But down in Cambridge. And she said she was leaving in 3 days. So that was a shock, so now our newest member of the Branch is already gone, haha but luckily we were able to get her a temple recommend interview before she left and now she is going to try and go to the temple down in London. So that's sad to hear but it's a blessing for her to found work so we can't complain!

Well that's all I got for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, eat lots of candy and enjoy it, because English people don't know how to do Halloween but that's alright! Have a good week everybody!

Elder Hanks 韓長老
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