Monday, December 5, 2016

Helloooo December!

Dec 5 2016

Can you believe it's December, wow my mind can't believe it! I hope you all are going out and serving in 25 ways over these 25 days. This week was quite interesting, a lot of things happened both good and bad, so let's start with the bad first. Being the Chinese elders most if not all our work is done around the university, our finding, and our teaching. All of our teachings have been on the university, in a place called the student central which is a big meeting area for students. We have taught there for every one of our lessons. Well this past Friday, a man with a badge, interrupted our lesson and kicked us out of the uni. I tried to talk with him to see if there was any way possible for us to stay, but he bluntly said
no and we were gone.

So currently me and elder Liss are searching for a place to now teach people, because we no longer have a place and it's not looking too good.

On the positive side of things.... on Zone p-day we had a competition/ tournament of games for the Zone. To see who was the top companionship, and well glad to say that yes Elder Liss and I WON! I know big surprise but it was actually pretty fun.

We have found a lot of new people in our finding this week, it was our focus of the week to improve our finding. So we have met a ton of fun people including a few, Phill Collins, S......, C......., L......... (pronounce that as you wish) and many more. Haha a fun part to working with Chinese people.

R.........our friend, (our new word for investigators) is doing really well. She was able to talk to her parents about the baptism, and she has no support from them. But she is continuing to meet with us and this last week we have had some really good lessons with her! So we are optimistic that she will still get baptized, at the end of this year or beginning of next year!

False Prophet John! So quick background, this is an English man who hates mormons, studies the bible intensely and every time you see him he stops you, and tries to prove us how we are a false church. This was my first time meeting him this week. I can't tell you all about or conversation because it would take an hour to explain. Therefore to give you the shortened version, I am not a believer in a "war of words" and Joseph Smith puts it. But I am a more firm Believer in
defending his name. And after quite the debate, False Prophet walked away in frustration after not being able to answer my questions. I don't think he will be bugging missionaries for a while.

This Saturday was awesome we had a Stake choir Christmas concert. It was so cool because they invited the Huddersfield Gospel choir, which is like the black Baptist choir. And it was so awesome, to actually hear the typical Gospel choir songs, with the clapping and hallelujahs, swaying and all sorts of things. It was quite the experience!

Well people I am sure that next week will be a more exciting week for us. Please pray that the uni will let us teach here, if not we are in big trouble! Love you all and hope you guys have a wonderful December with all the shopping, and whatnot that goes on in this time.

Merry Christmas! 🎄
Elder Hanks韓長老

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