Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas week!

Dec 20 2016

Merry merry Christmas everyone. Can you believe it's already that time of year again! This is going to be a real exciting week for us I am sure, lots of visits to members and trying to find Chinese people somewhere! But let's get into this week first.

Little things that happened:
Finally started taking driving lessons again, having my test end of January. 
All our investigators left this week for holiday.
We have finally taught on the university again.
Did some caroling!   
Power went out for like 2 days.
Messing around a bit (all within the rules)

We had a great week, on Tuesday we got hired up by the Assistants to help set up for a meeting. We were finding around the university, about to go eat some tea, when the assistants called, (which normally for other missionaries isn't a good thing?) but I love it since me and elder Dobbs are such pals! So instead of eating we get rallied in to help set up the chapel for our big Mission tour meeting tomorrow so we were at the chapel until like 11:00 at night only to get back and have our power not working and six elders sleeping on our floor for the meeting the next day. It was great though, we got to mess around with sound checks and get a little sneak peak of the meeting. Hookups for being friends with the assistants.

Wednesday was awesome and we will have to end there so we can focus in on the good stuff. On Wednesday we had the Mission Tour, where President Keaton, the European area President came to our mission, and spoke to us along with President Turvey. Truly two very inspired men. Some of the highlights of the meeting were,
President Keaton talking to us, "you are the miracles of the Restoration." Never would of thought of myself as a miracle in anyway, but being a missionary gives me the opportunity to be one for someone else. I love it.
"You're a Mormon, we thrive on adversity! It's what makes us" Isn't that such a remarkable statement. Only in the Mormon church will you ever find someone who is dealing with a life-battling challenge and do it with a smile and positive attitude. That truly is a miracle/blessing of the gospel itself.
"Work hard and be grateful, or learn how to do it in 50 years, and regret not doing it today."
"Choose not to mind that this is hard. Choose to be happier all the time."
"You're in the training of a lifetime of service."
"Don't worry, but work hard. Don't be so anxious, enjoy this, but work hard."

I could go on and on with seriously hundreds of more, but for timing and for writing sake I won't. But I envied his speaking skills, his ability to follow the spirit and the way he taught us. It was such an inspiring meeting a great highlight of my mission for sure.

This week we had a remarkable experience with our friend R........ We had a lesson with her on Saturday and this was the last time that we would meet before she left in holiday so we wanted to make it good. So we thought and thought but we couldn't figure out what we should teach her. When all of a sudden we decide to show her Look not behind thee Mormon message. That's what we went in with. We should her the video and after which she explained how it was an answer to her prayer. About how she had something from her past come up and she wasn't sure to go back to it or move on. And then we showed her the video and she said she now knows her answer. It was an amazing experience. I love how the lord uses us to answer his children's questions. It was a remarkable experience. 

I am just so happy to be a missionary at this time of my life. What a remarkable time of year where our thought and feelings are turned towards the Savior. I truly know that Jesus is the Christ, our Prince of Peace, and Redeemer of the world. He is the way the truth and the LIGHT! I love being able to share his gospel with His children. Only through Him can we return to live with God again. I love him so much for all that he has done for me. He is the greatest gift! 
Have a merry Christmas.
Elder Hanks 韓長老

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