Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Exchanges, bitter cold and choosing to Follow Him

Hey, well this week has been a pretty fun week for us. I'm not a very good writer like others but I will try and make this worth reading for you'll, so let's get started shall we.

So this last Monday and Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in their area of Meltham. I went with my good pal Omondi!  And we spent the entire day knocking and we had some fun experiences. We got in to one guys house, simply by asking to use his bathroom and then we taught him half the restoration before he had to kick us out to get ready for work, (it was like 3 in the afternoon). But still fun, then that was shot down out of the sky when the next door was a grumpy old lad who hated religion and Americans.  And said that Americans should of never fought in world war II  they had it covered and in my head I'm thinking,  *cough cough we helped saved your butts *cough cough 
But after some discussion we knew this old patriot of an English lad was not going to be opening his door or his heart and we left that man, and he didn't like me very much and pretty much ranted on everything I stood for. What a wonderful experience right. Opposition in all things even on places where you're born. But it was a fun day with my old pal Omondi. 

On Thursday we were greatly blessed to get a new friend. I sat on a bus Monday night and the only person in the bus was Asian. So ya know totally sat by her. Thought I was a weirdo sitting right next to her on an empty bus. But got talking and set up a time to meet. So L ..... we met on Thursday and she is from Vietnam, and Catholic but has never been baptized. So we taught her, she loves to talk, we finally got around and invited her to be baptized and she said that she would pray about it. I didn't mind. So that was a great miracle for us.

So I thought I would simply share something that I have been thinking a lot about over these past few days, based on a letter I received from a friend. And it's about the way that we follow Christ. It's a long though -  I apologize in advance. We all know the invitation given to us in Matthew: "follow thou me"
And we already know the importance of following him in the +100 invitations given throughout the scriptures. So it got me thinking on HOW we follow him. Let's take it in more common day scenarios. A child follows a parent, a friend to a friend, little brother to a big brother. How do they follow, well a child would hold his parents hand, a friend would stay right by his friends side, a brother would follow his brothers exact footsteps. All leading them to where they needed to go. Now imagine the opposite, a child stands further back and gets lost in the crowd, a friend makes the wrong turn and has to turn around, the little brother takes a wrong step and falls over. All are never fun scenarios. But there is a pattern in all of them.  Please don't just follow the Saviour, don't distance yourself just enough to where you can just barely see him. Put him by your side and do what he did/does and you will never go wrong. "for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." So let me ask you this, priesthood holders When was the last time you used your priesthood? And girls, when was the last time you reached out?

Love you all!
Elder Hanks 韓長老
After a long hard day of work. Just need to relax for a moment.

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