Monday, February 20, 2017

Craziest Saturday night

Feb 20 2017
Craziest night ever! And dejavu....
Well family and friends another week has gone by in the Greatest mission in the universe. And well it was a week of super fun and we have lots of fun stories to tell. So update on some people.

So S....... She is our one Chinese investigator and well she is progressing so well. How well?  we'll to give you an example in her last prayer she said, "Heavenly Father please help me to finish my assignments so I can get baptized earlier." So we are praying hard for her that it will work out. So we are looking for the 1st of march for her baptism. So we will be meeting with her this week to finalize everything and answer any more questions, so it should be good!

Also O...... our miracle Polish girl. She couldn't come to church this week because of work. It's a big downfall when you’re a foreigner in this country and you have like the worst hours possible but she is meeting with us hopefully on Wednesday so it should be really good.

We went around town last p-day and got some sweet pictures I will have to share will all y'all! But something fun happened on Saturday!

So we did an exchange this week with one of our district leaders. And it was elder Cottrell my old companion! So I got to go with him for the day and it was like the funniest day ever, we had so much success finding people, and the whole day we were talking about the fun times we had back in Sheffield it was so great! Wow I just love that guy.
But I am sad because he goes home in like 3 weeks. But then the craziest thing happened on Saturday night! Think is why we obey the word of Wisdom. Hope you like stories people!

So once upon a time there was a Saturday night, and we decided that we wanted to do a small blitz with some elders in the Zone. So we took the drive out to a small city of Pontefract. This being a smaller city among the areas in the zone, so we figured it to be a quiet place. However, upon arrival we instantly knew the mistake we had made as we saw a multitude of drunk people in the streets! How on earth could this be, in a small little village of York!

But trusting all would be well we split off and headed into the city where we attempted to spread the Word of God. Needless to say none were bothered to hear what we had to say, but from what we saw we will never be the same. Amongst walking the streets there came a rumble of motors from behind. And we see four lads upon the backs of 2 quads! All in black and masks they spread their terror through the streets plastering all they saw - cars on the road, on the sidewalks -  with their fire extinguishers. Many were covered in white powder as they rolled through the town causing havoc. 

Passing by us once or twice, heeling some words here and there but the lord protected us that night! Only to end he night by tossing the worn out extinguishers into a car window and a McDonald's shop window. After that point we knew it was our time to leave so we left that small town and came home, committing ourselves that we would never drink alcohol in any sense, and always stay away from pontefract on a Saturday night!

The End!
Love you all have a great week!

There was a time I left my iPad in a flat, so I told them to toss it
to me! Yes I know bad idea

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 13 2017

Throwback to getting my left sided driving license! 

This week truly has been a week of miracles. I have gained a true testimony of the words, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven." We have absolutely been seeing them this past week. So let's get started shallllllllllllllllllll we!

Alright so to start off the week we had a fun P-day if you saw the video last week. But is week was just full of planning we spent most of the day on Tuesday prepping, and setting up for our Zone training on Wednesday and it went so well. We focused on progression of investigators and it was just awesome, that same day we also had interviews with President Turvey. Can I just say that man is so inspired, I have grown a deep love for president Turvey he really cares about the mission and really wants what is best for us. It was just a great day!

Alright so for these MIRACLES!!!! 

So this week we found 3 new investigators which is soooooo awesome but I'm not going to bore you to death about them but I'll share some cool experiences about them. 

So Tuesday we had the craziest experience. So we had a potential named O...... who is from Poland and was interested in the English class that the church does. Well she texts us and says, "I want to learn about your church." So we gave her a chapel tour and the whole time she was asking way deep questions, and was going along with everything that we taught her. We ended in the Baptismal font and finished teaching the restoration and all of a sudden she asks, "so what are your rules?" 
*this is where us and our member Callum give each other that look you give when you have no idea what to say.
But we thought we would play it cool and just say we will teach her overtime so she can understand everything and see the reasoning behind it. BUTTTTTTT  that's when she says, "why, just tell me."
So me and elder Norton gave each other the look again and said well okay, so we taught her the word of wisdom, law of Chasity, 10 commandments, and keeping the sabbath day holy all at once. At the end, "Any questions?" This is her response, 
"Hmmmm... well I do like alcohol, but............................................ I can live those." 
😳😲😱😵😧😦😮🤘👊🙏🙌🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊 like WHATTTTT.??? 

Committed to live them all at once! Can you believe that!? I can barely believe it so I know it's hard for you guys cause I saw it!! Wow miracle!

Okay moving on,  so this week we also have a Chinese investigator named S....... and she is the most sincere investigator ever. She is really struggling being away from home but has loved meeting with us, she loves prayer and she loves church. She is supposed to be getting baptized on the 24th of Feb but our only concern is if we can teach her everything in time. So please pray that we can teach her everything and get her baptized this month! That would be so amazing! But she is a miracle for us, we will have to get a picture with her to show you. But wow sorry I'm just happy writing this letter. 

So yeah that's what our week has been like, we have been traveling all over the zone seeing  missionaries, planning and meetings. Finding and teaching it has been so crazy and the weeks are going by so fast. But we have been truly blessed here this week. 

So just a quick little though for you guys! 
  1. Are we predictable, dependable and repeatable? President Nelson mention these words when discussing the laws of Heaven, but also the laws of life in the YSA January devotional. It made me consider these questions... When we are face with challenges and situations where we will have to stand for our beliefs, will we be predictable? That when these situations arise, those around us will know that we will stand for what's right. Are we dependable? Can He our Father in Heaven trust us enough to know that we will always bear witness of Him. And are our actions repeatable? Do others know that we will never change and that we will continue to be that predictable and dependable example of Christ. 
Love you all and hope that you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Hanks 韓長老

Me and my Italian friend Elder Sicardi! He lives with us, poor guy!

Us with our sweet member Callum!

Feb 6 2017

Wow what a crazy week it has been. It has been so fun to be here with elder Norton. We have had a lot of fun this week. 
So after arriving here in York on Tuesday we spent the day finishing Transfers and moving everyone around and picking up and doing Transfers all that fun stuff and that was just a really crazy day but it was really fun. 

On Wednesday we went to two different district meetings and it was great. So first we had ours and we had a really good one about the fruits of the spirit and elder W(?) did a pretty good job at it. And then we rushed down to elder Cottrell's meeting and they also had a really good meeting about resolving concerns. It was great elder cottrell is such a fun guy. Then later on that night we had a fun Chinese party and we had 12 non-members I think come to it and we got some potentials out of it but it was fun to get right stuck in to the Chinese work here in York. 

Then Thursday was just crazy and Friday was great. Mission Leadership council is a great meeting and I really enjoy seeing all these amazing missionaries talk about the work and discuss how we can help the work move forward. 

Sunday was a very fun day. Walking into church and seek all the old members that I used to see. And most of them remembered me which was a great miracle I didn't think that anyone would remember but they did. So I am very excited for this work here in York! It's going to be a great transfer. I never realised how many meetings Zone leaders go to and also all the extra work that goes in, this is going to be a really good transfer of stretching myself! Well that's all for me!

Elder Hanks 韓長老

1- What we did for Zone PDay


3 elder Norton cleaning bird poop

4 the old Huddersfield Zone