Monday, March 6, 2017

exchanges, Zone conference, hospital trips and evil spirits...!

March 5 2017

Well friends and family, what a week it has been. I know they aren't going to read this but Congratulations to my Sister Hailey on her wedding last week. Really Happy for you guys, make sure you give them a high five or something next time you see them. So happy for you guys.

Well for us, I think we spent the majority of our week in the car, haha wow we are so lame but hey, not much we can do. But some updates for you guys So S........ is doing good, we are working hard with her, she really wanted to strengthen her faith before she got baptized so we are focusing on that faith of hers. So please pray that she will have more spiritual experiences and have a stronger desire for baptism.

L...... is good. She is reading and praying a lot for a Chinese student so we are right happy with her. Our next goal is to get her to the chapel for a tour this week and then church! So pray for her as well.

Just in case you were wondering.... and you shouldn't be! 

Cool experience for y'all! Sorry I'm typing quick because we are doing a YSA activity tonight so I'll send some pics and videos for you All! But back to the cool experience. So me and elder Norton because we had to take 2 missionaries to the hospital like 4 times so that is what we did almost every morning this week between our meetings. So we didn't have much finding this week so what did we do, well we prayed and said show us where to go. Went to a street felt we should do left side! Knocked on some doors, and F..... opened up the door. A young uni girl from Leeds! Start talking and out of the blue says, "yeah I'm catholic but I'm looking for more positivity and optimism in life and know that a God can help me! Miracle! Heavenly Father really does direct this work! It's been such a blessing to be apart of it!

Okay weird thing! So we found this guy named N........! Now at first N.......... seemed like a normal older man. He loves the bible and was so down for us to come and teach him. So we show up and it's him and his son so we were like "double bonus!" So we start to teach the lesson using the bible to teach and relate to him and the spirit is strong going well, they are asking good questions and it was going so great! We got to the part of the restoration and Joseph Smith. No issues yet, when I start to recite the first vision and all of a sudden out of nowhere!! N........ sits right up and starts to yell, "BLASPHEME! I WILL NEVER WORSHIP YOUR SMITH................." we won't go into gruesome details and then sits back down. The spirit it totally now gone and bad feeling arose and After about  30 seconds of silence N........ says, "sorry I have to go somewhere, but I would love for you guys to come back, I love speaking with you." Almost as if nothing just happened, so we got up and left, with the feeling of I don't even know how to describe it but yeah it was a first on the mission.

At MLC (mission leadership council) this week, it was really cool. Because we had the sister in our group going home this transfer so it was her last time there so we took a group picture and it turns out that out of the 30ish people that were there, about 20 of them were from our group! So that was so cool to see. President asked if they sprayed our group with magical leadership dust or something! Hahaha it was great! I'll send some pics to show you all! But sorry this weeks email is quite lame but his next week is the last week of the transfer so we will work hard and get some miracle for you all so I can have some stories to tell.

But to just end, can I just say this gospel is so true! I noticed that we are so blessed to have the knowledge we do about our father in Heaven. We know that we will experience challenges in life right before our greatest miracles so rely on the Savior and his Gospel and you will never go wrong! This truly is His church. I'm so grateful to be able to share this wonderful gospel with the people that I come in contact with!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week of March! Can you believe it!!Love  Elder Hanks韓長老Sent from my iPad.

The elder I trained is now a District Leader ! 

Feb 27 2017
I think this was one of the fastest weeks of my entire life! Wow if every week keeps going like this I don't know what I am going to do. But this week was busy, we had lots to do. 

So this week we found a new Chinese girl named L…….. She is awesome, but the first thing that she said to us at the lesson was "don't push me, I don't like being pushed" haha so obviously we are taking it slow with her but she is awesome, she cancelled on us this Saturday and wrote us this massive apology text afterwards so I hope it all works out. Pray for her, and for S……. as well, our two Chinese investigators. S……. won't get baptized this week, we have some new concerns to deal with, but hey we are optimistic!

This Thursday we had an amazing Zone Conference with York and Leeds zones. It was so good we focused on working with members and hope to get members to do more missionary work. So you all better be giving the missionaries some referrals! It was great and my favorite part was we had a testimony meeting with all the missionaries and it was such a powerful experience to see missionaries from all over the world, get up and bare their testimony about the Savior. It was absolutely amazing! 

On Friday it was really fun! We did exchanges with the assistants and went to Leeds for the day. And I was with elder Klingler and he is such a funny kid. We had an awesome time knocking on doors in Leeds.
But we found this funny kid named T......., had a good chat with him so the assistants are going to start teaching him. And the best part was we woke up early on Saturday to go play basketball for an hour or so, it was awesome. Only to end off the day with another exchange with the lads in our flat, so I went with elder Sicardi and we had loads of fun there!

Sunday was also a really good day because this Sunday we were able to participate in giving a recent convert I….., the aaronic priesthood and it was such an amazing experience. I love the power that the priesthood brings into our lives and it was so great to hear the bishop explain to I…..the role of the priesthood and how it blesses others. I'm so grateful for the chance to be a priesthood holder, so all you priesthood holders out there, you better honor your priesthood because that's what it deserves. 

Doesn't sound like too busy of a week but it was. It has been a good week and next thing ya know I'll be in my last transfer so I hope this time slows down!

Love you all, have a great week and don't let it go by too fast!
Elder Hanks 韓長老
Here's some pics,

Went to the coast this past week. Look at it........ so cold!

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