Monday, March 20, 2017

Miracles and transfers!

March 20 2017

Well hello there everyone. Hope you all had as good of a week as I did. This week was just awesome trying to get elder Ferrell all sorted and seeing investigators and all the stuff that we missionaries do,  so let's start shall we! 

March 13 2017
Well family this week was such a fun week with so many miracles. Wow this week was just amazing so let's get stuck right in shall we.

Monday was historical for the YSA here in York because we were in charge of the FHE activity and the standard is now set high for activities. See pic and video for more details about the activity.

YSA  FHE was hilarious!

Tuesday was amazing. We had a lesson with our Chinese friend L......! And we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had loads of questions and she really likes it. But at the end of the lesson we asked her
about her thoughts and she says these words.... "Well I think I had a a funny experience, but I'm not sure. hmmmmmm... I'll tell you next time."  Hahahahaha what no....... you can't just say that to missionaries!!! Experiences are what we live for. So she talked about how she doesn't sleep well and one night she decided to
read her Book of Mormon, and she had the best night sleep she has ever had in England and said how peaceful she felt. SHE FELT THE SPIRIT!!!!! Sooo cool now the next thing is church.

On Thursday this week we were on exchanges, and I was with elder Price from Sunny Cali! (See pics for more details!)  
Taking the train with Elder Price
And we had a lesson with our investigator S........., and he brought his friend (S.......) and we taught them the first lesson and it was chaotic. For two reasons. 1. S........(the friend) asks loads of questions. 2. Because we teach at their house of NINE uni students so lots of noise. But when we got to the first Vision., as soon as elder Price started to talk about it, THE ENTIRE HOUSE went dead quiet. The whole time and when it finished, everything went right back to normal. NOT EVEN JOKING it was just the coolest thing ever! So yeah sweet, spirit filled lesson and they should be coming to church next week.

Also bonus, a recent Convert Chinese girl named L.........brought a friend to church out of nowhere named Y........ And so we talked to her after church and I asked her what she thought of it. And she says, "I felt
good. But can't describe it. It was very peaceful." WHHHHHAAAATAAATATATATATTTTTTTTT!???!???!?!?!??!???
Working through L........ to meet with her this week! Sooo crazy!

Alright so transfer info I know that's what all my friends care about. So here's what's happening. 1/2 the Zone changed and that means in our flat-  big changes. So elder Winegar and Sicardi are both leaving the York area and no one is coming in so we are picking up their area. Elder Norton is also leaving me! Only one transfer together. But he is going to be the Zone leader over in Huddersfield. So my new companion is Elder Ferrell. I'm soooooo pumped!!!! This is going to be he best transfer ever and also it's going to be a bit lonely in our house
because now it's just two of us!

So yes it was a great week for us and you could say I am really looking forward to next weeks! Love you all, enjoy the pictures. 

ummmmm......strange english sightings......

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