Thursday, April 6, 2017

Awesome month of April and a little embarrassment to start the month off...!

April 3 2017

Well I thought we could start this week out with a fun story. But before that I hope you all enjoyed the amazing General a Conference we had this weekend and that none of you fell asleep while watching, because that is just so unfortunate to miss out on the words of our prophets and apostles! 

exploring Scarborough

So this week we had MLC and let's just say I left my mark. I just know that explaining this won't do it justice but it makes for a good memory.

all the witnesses to my "embarrassing" MLC stretching exercises ! 

So there we were in MLC doing what we do. And the Assistants to the President were doing an instruction on Baptismal interviews. And they stopped and said "everyone is looking a bit sleepy, let's get up and stretch a bit." So I went to do just that. I went to slide back my chair on the carpeted floor and the chair decides to get stuck on the carpet and begins to fold itself in. Only to add to the problem, I went to push off of the chair to stand up, only to to speed up its folding process. With all the leaders in the mission standing in a circle, I soon realized I was going down. As I went tumbling down it was as if the whole world went in slow motion, as I thought to myself what on earth am I going to do when I fall down. So there I went down to the floor and as I hit the floor and pulled a backwards somersault. Everyone now staring at me, I rolled my self back up into a squatting position and started to stretch. Trying to lessen the embarrassment of falling over I said, "oh you know me I take stretching very seriously." Haha then everyone started to bust up laughing. Haha it was so awkward, but hey not everyday you get to make your mission President and wife laugh! Haha wow so awkward. 

Then of course Conference you just can't beat that, and then to finish it all off for us, we have Zone training this week so we are planning that. Ummm A........ is getting baptised on Wednesday so we are really excited for that! And Y....... is getting dunked on the 15th so that is also awesome! 2 baptisms here we go! 

But this week we did, 2 exchanges one with elder saylin from woods cross and he has been here for 2 weeks. We had a great time and then also with the assistants elder Mikkola we talked to one English person the whole day!

And to finish off the week with a miracle we had an old dude named A........ walk up to us and asked to meet with us. So we did and taught him, he is a new investigator! Haha we are so blessed right now! But here's a good quote I liked from Conference. 
  • We love him, because he first loved us. We can overcome the world, because he Overcame the world first. 
  • A true disciple of Christ does not care about the social connections but more of our heavenly connection.  

Well that's it for me folks! Hope you all have a great spring break! It should be a good one for us! 

March 27 2017

This week was so great! I always think that there is no way for me to grow my love for my mission but then it happens. So we have lots to cover so let's get right down to the nit n' greedy

So this week started out awesome. We had a Zone Conference this week and it was absolutely amazing. President Turvey talked all about the Atonement and it was such an uplifting meeting like ooh my goodness!
My love for the Saviour grew so much during that meeting it was absolutely amazing. And not only that but I got to see old friends and people from back home!  (Autumn Jenkins)  It was like the best day ever!

my wardie - Autumn Jenkins arrived! 

Updates on people! To start off this past week we had our investigator named A...... pass her interview for baptism so she should be getting baptized in the upcoming weeks. So we are really looking forward to that. So pray that everything works out for her. We are praying so hard that she can be baptized on the fifth of April.

Y.......! Yes she is Chinese;) she is awesome!  We meet with her twice a week and she came to church for the second time on Sunday and loved it. And we have taught her most of the lessons and she is scheduled for the 15th of April so pray that it works out for her as well. But she is gone for 5 days so we are praying that she will be ok! So we are very excited!

On Saturday our Stake did a western night. Haha they had a mechanical bull and people came in cowboy stuff and haha well it was so fun to see English people trying to be American! Haha the best part though was afterwards they gave us the left over peach cobbler.

For our Zone p-day we all went to the Minster as a Zone and it was so funny to see all the church people see so many Mormons in their church. Probably the only time it will ever happen!;)

We have done loads of finding this week and we are finding a few Chinese people so let's see if we can get some more Chinese people into the water.

Well love you all! I hope you all know how much I love this gospel! This is his church and I am so grateful that we can celebrate Easter this coming Sunday to remember Him and his resurrection. I love my Saviour and I owe him everything. What an amazing opportunity we have to hear our prophets and apostles speak of Him. I'm so excited. I hope you are as well, and really pay attention to their words!

Have a great week!

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