Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baptisms and transfers!

April 17 2017

Well well well..... here we are once again. Another transfer gone here in the ELM, and I am still loving life this week was so busy and so awesome! We started off the week with a sweet exchange. I went with elder Barff (from Tahiti) and we did loads of finding and it was awesome. We got let in to a dudes house which was sweet, and we met an American named Hunter!,?.? WHAT!???!! It was crazy! Tuesday we finished off the exchanges and had a few meetings and what not!

Wednesday was hectic! So we went to a district Meeting down in Pontefract and from there the day just flew by. We were driving all over the place trying to find baptismal clothes for the baptism  and it was just taking forever! We finally found clothes in Selby and then drove back and had a lesson with A...... and printed programs and got it all sorted. And that night A........ WAS BAPTISED!!! Ahhh it was so awesome and her mom came and supported her and then afterwards she told us that she wanted to learn more about the church as well! Sooo cool!

Y........ wholly molly that girl is so awesome! She is so ready to be baptized and also on Friday she fed us some proper Chinese food just in case one of us left and it was seriously so good! I'll attach some pictures but it was amazing! Y...... is so awesome! I'm so happy that she will get baptized next week.

Also on Friday we finally got to see our friend S........ who went back to china for a month! It was so fun to see her again, and she brought us some Chinese treats it was awesome! We helped correct her grammar for her uni essays and next week we are going to start teaching her again! So excited! We took a pic with S......!


Then finally Easter Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and got lots of chocolate because we did, haha we got loads!! But it was awesome we had some amazing talks, one was a 15 yr old girl who joined the church because she saw a Mormon quote on instagram. Such a cool story! 

But of course we had Transfers Sunday night and the results are:

Elder Ferrell: stay in York and train a new Zone leader elder Glenn.
Elder Hanks: I'm moving to Billingham to be a Zone leader with elder Iakopo, from Australia !! So it should be exciting!

Have a great week everyone!

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