Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hammin' it up in Billingham!

A few more pictures from my last area York  - Y....'s baptism! 

April 17 2017
haha that title is so good I know!! hahaha 

Hey everyone I hope you guys are having such a great day! It’s almost May, can you believe it? 
This week has been an interesting but good week for me and elder Iakopo. I will be honest at first I was a bit nervous to serve with him, but then it turns out that the kid is hilarious and is just like me and we have been laughing nonstop for this past week, it has just been so good!

Billingham thu is so different from York, because York is like this small historical place that is just fun to look at, and Billingham is the opposite, it’s like a massive industrial place that’s not very fun to look at but the people here are just as nice.  I forgot what it was like to talk to old people but there are loads of them up here! 

E. Iakopo & Ben Walter
We have had a lot of fun things happen this week. The first day I got here we talked to this girl named T..... and her brother right now is an investigator! so we taught her and we scheduled her for baptism and she even went to church in Manchester because she decided to leave, but she still went to church over there so that is soo cool. 

We also have this investigator that just got out of a mental hospital so that’s really cool, we call him chilly willy, because his name is .......... and he is so chill, so hahaha that is always an experience to go and teach him. 

Also Ben Walter came from america to visit! He used to serve here but he came to england to visit and he took us out to dinner at T.G.I. Fridays and it was sooo good to see him again! a long time friend so that was way fun and it was weird to hear about home life! 

We went and taught this less active and well it turns out he has like 30 animals in his house and so the pictures will just tell you what we experienced! hahaha-  there were loads of things in this house, and he said he wanted to show us a video so we watched and it turns out that he wanted to show us star wars! hahah,  so I saw like a minute of the new star wars so, hey that looks super cool, can’t wait to watch it in a couple of months. 

Not sure how I feel about this....

Sunday was very unique! I went to Middlesbrough ward this Sunday to do a chinese interview that didn’t happen so I missed my first week in my own ward which was quite weird so I hope I can get to know the members at one point! 

But then to top off the fun week that we had, we knocked onto this polish guys door who was so cool and he invited us to come to his church and he would come to our church and so we went to his church last night! NO JOKE PEOPLE IT WAS A JESUS CONCERT!!! rock songs and then prayers and it was the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced in my life I have never gone to another church but now I know why. I will send you a video of it, but holy cow we had to really pray after the end of that because their pastor did the whole speaking of tongues, and laying on of hands, and calling out the spirit and it was just something else!! it was weird!!!!!!!!!

The Jehovah Witness church next door 

but yeah that was my week, I will send you all the pictures!!! hahaha you got to love Billingham!
I love it here!! 

Good luck out there everyone!!

Love Elder Hanks

Sorry about so much video of the lady in the white dress but I was trying to be inconspicuous .

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