Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#AOB - Army of Billingham

May 1 2017

Why hello there fam and others. This week was a pretty good week for the AoB! (Army of Billingham)

We got hailed on a couple of times which was nice - especially when your coats are back at the flat but that's that's all good, lessons learned.

But anyway -  fun stuff that still happened this week.

E. Iakopo

I don't know if I told you his last week but if I did,  I'm not sorry - because it needs to be mentioned again. We play football here every Wednesday and it's the first time ever on my mission I could pull out my cleats and play with English people! It's amazing!

Okay so on Friday we had the baptism of C..... which was so awesome. He investigated for 2 weeks and we taught him 3 times and came to church twice and then got baptized. Quickest baptism ever on my mission! But he is such a cool kid he wants to serve a mission someday!

T...... who is C...... sister,  is sweet! She will be getting baptized on the 12th instead because of some issues and what not! But we are excited for her as well it's going to to be well good. So we are seeing her tonight and teach her as much as we can because we can!  and she is going to be baptized in like 3 weeks so that is awesome!

During the week we decided to take some missionaries out to lunch and we went to this carvery place. Where you get 2 massive plates of a roast dinner and it's amazing! I'll be showing my family that place when we come back, it's called Toby Carvery!

But Billingham is awesome, we have some great members, the missionaries are awesome. This next week is going to be great, we have Zone Conference on Tuesday and MLC on Friday so it's going to be really fun! But in Zone Conference we are putting a focus on Alma 58. Really random chapter but it applies so much to missionary work and I would highly suggest reading it!

Anyways that's it from me y'all!
Love you guys,

Elder Hanks
E Hanks- top row right in the center

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