Thursday, May 25, 2017

Can you believe it, I'm singing!

May 22 2017

Well just like that we got to the end of another transfer and it's going just way to fast. Luckily I get 18 of them so that makes me a bit luckier than other elders. 
But this week was really good we had two baptisms in the Zone which both went really well, and elder Iakopo and I sang at both of them. I know can you believe it I'm singing at things I have never sung at things before - now I have done it like 6 times.  We also sang a special musical number at church on Sunday for ouward conference. How bout that people?!

Our version of "homemade" ice cream 

But this week we had interviews as well this week which were good. It always fun to be able to see President Turvey. Also I got to hear president Turvey sing and play the piano which was very unique to hear from your mission President but it was so great! He is a good singer and it's no wonder why he loves elder Iakopo so much, because they are both so musically talented.

Let's see we also got a member to take us on a really fun hike it's called Roseberry Toppings. It was a great time and we got some homemade ice cream after wards it was awesome! So it was a really great week for us. We also found 2 new investigators, one is 12 and a really cool kid. And one is a family from Zimbabwe. They are so awesome!


But that's all folks! Hope you all have a great week!         
Trying to find the sun.... I got close! 

Love Elder Hanks!

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