Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ligit week of Service, and TRANSFERSSSSS!!

May 29 2017
Are those farmers you ask?

our finished product!

when you see the sun for 4 days and do yard work service, you get farmer tan lines like this! 

photo shot (or photo bomb)  with a members plush dog....

 Hello there everyone! I'm going to use a computer this week because its easier to type on one than an ipad. But this week was soo awesome because it was literally sunny all week long, like no joke, not a cloud in the sky for like 4 days and so the sun was out and it was amazing!!!!!! soo good, so we took advantage of it and we sent out a text to all the ward and also all the less actives and investigators that we are working with to try and do some sort of service for them. And in the end we spent the whole week doing service, well okay not the whole week but we spent tons of time doing lawns for people. We joked about putting a sticker on our car that said, "Mormon lawn care" but we didn't. But i will show you some pictures of the aftermath of our week of service. hahaha wearing suits was a pain this week! 

So lots of gardening, and then also we were able to meet a members girlfriend. Her name is T......... and we went over there and taught her about the church and we ended up scheduling her for baptism for late june so that was really awesome! Members are the key to baptisms just so you all know -  if you have friends,  let the missionaries teach them because they going to get baptized! So that was a big miracle for us. 

As well we swapped flats with the sisters because they were having some issues with their next door neighbors, so they sent the "lads" in and we just went over the first day and cut their garden and now they love us - so hey, mending hearts all over the place! So we had to clean our flat, like really clean it because sisters were going in and so yeah that was that! 

But I guess a very important piece of info in this email is what is going to be happening to me the rest of my mission. We had transfers and looks like my mission is now set in stone! ahhhhhh! 

I will be transferred to the capital of the mission. I am going to LEEDS!!!!!! Where I will be training again!! haha that should be really fun! His name is Elder Cai, (tsai) and he is from taiwan! thats companion number 2 from taiwan, so that will be fun to go back to chinese work and be so closer to my mission President. So this is the last area for me! Unless something goes wrong but lets pray that it doesn't. But I am going to miss this area. I am going to miss being with Elder Iakopo he is like the best kid ever! It has been so fun to serve around him but I guess we will have to wait and see what these next 2 transfers hold in store for me. 

But I hope you all have a great week, and enjoy the warmer weather that's coming your way! love you guys!! 

Elder Hanks 

Elder Hunter Hanks
Leeds England, Mandarin Chinese

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