Monday, June 5, 2017

Big city of Leeds, training & oh, yea - the Piano Guys

June 4 2017

Well just to start off this little email here with, LEEDS IS MASSIVE!! Feels like I'm in NYC or something. So it's been fun trying to find our ways around Leeds-  haha lots of phone calls to the sisters for directions! But it has been really fun and we have had a good time already. Leeds has the biggest YSA program in the mission so there are loads of YSA here in the ward and I already feel like I'm one of them (but as a missionary not a YSA) cause ya know can't do that yet. But already got a few jokes played on me so hopefully we can work with some of them. But cool things that happened this week.

So first obviously is elder Tsai. He is a great kid, so humble and willing to try which is so helpful. However has a hard time with English but we make sure we are doing language study every day because sometimes there is a language barrier but to be honest I think I need it more than he does. Haha! oooohhh my Chinese is so bad! But he is a great cook, which is just what I need for my last transfers, is to get fat!:)

But one cool thing that happened this was we found a Romanian family who said they wanted to be taught and then they fed us food which was really good. But they all want to be baptized and come to church but there are a few things we need to check before that happens. But such an awesome family and they have 6 kids!

Another really cool miracle happened on Saturday. Was we had found 3 people and set up lessons with all of them but they all flogged us! Haha yay!😄 so we went back to fining and the first Chinese guy we saw we talked to. Turns out I met this guy 2 years ago in York during the floods!!!! It was really awkward this is our dialogue
" i know you"
- haha no you don't.
"Yeah I have talked to you before."
- I don't think so we just got here.
"No in York, when it flooded we cleaned up a park."
Sure enough it was true and so we went and had a lesson with him and it was really cool! He is a PHD student so very busy but he was so nice!

Another cool thing was I got to meet the Piano guys! Yaaaasssss. So John Schmidt's son is in my mission so they did a special stop by on their world tour to do a fireside in Leeds and it was absolutely amazing! Soooo good and they are so funny! It was such a cool night and very spiritual as well. Also being close to President is also a bonus-  haha we have already had some good laughs together! But it's been a good week here in Leeds. Looking forward to another good one next week!

Love you all!
Elder Hanks

1. Our Romanian family

2. Elder Tsai's cooking skills

3. Leeds is our turf! 

4. Our new home, or right in front of our home!  

5. Saying bye the night before all my buds went home to utah! My tie
almost matched!

6. Picking up my second boy!

7. Spending a day with E. Iakopo because his comp was in a meeting.

8. The old Billingham crew! Miss these guys a ton!

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