Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm still singing!

June 12 2017

Another week has gone by, and I still feel like I just got here to Leeds. But there has been a lot of fun things that have happened over the past few days. So first off I don't know if I told you guys this or not? But guess who got to drive President Turvey's car?? That's right me I did! Haha that was so fun, how many missionaries can say that their mission President gave them the keys to his car so they could go somewhere! Haha that was sooo good! So that was fun but I was super safe! 

MC Noodle King - enjoying best noodles ever! 

This week we continued teaching the Romanian family, which was really good but we are trying to find out how to get them to come to stuff without any mode of transit. So we are looking for ways there,  but also we are going to get in contact with Romanian missionaries so they can teach them in their native language! So that should be really cool. 

Also had Zone Conference this week that was way good. I love hearing president Turvey talk to us! It was all about going through our own Gesthemane. So powerful! 

K......., is a cool English investigator we have. He has a strong faith in god, and likes to read the Book of Mormon but seems to have an issue with praying so that is something that we are trying to work on, but we took him to the mission home fireside on Sunday which was really good. Elder Iakopo asked me to sing there so, I sang with 4 elders an a Capella I need thee every hour it was really awesome and K......... seemed to enjoy it as well. 

We also found a Chinese girl named Y....... We taught her the restoration but like all the other students she is going to travel around Europe for a while so we will see what happened with her. 

Leeds University

But funny experience for ya- 
 So we were out one one street contacting and we stopped this uni student from Germany named Z......... We were having a nice chat about our beliefs when this guy who obviously loved to break the word of wisdom, approached us, and said "do you believe that what you do is morally correct in the sight of god?" Ummm yes clearly. Then he goes, "well, I deal with possessions and I'm always warned when evil is around me, and here I am with you now." With giving me the creepiest glare ever. Then he walked away! Hahaha only in Leeds right! But that was fun! Poor elder Tsai didn't understand a word of what he was saying because of the lack of teeth and his alcoholic slurred wording. 

But good week for us, still finding a lot trying to get some people to baptism! 

cool shopping center

Love you all! 

Elder Hanks韓長老

                                                 we are obediently excelling at language study!

faith singing throw back to Billingham

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