Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2 week update!

July 3 2017

The district at Toby Carvery
Hope you all have a wonderful week over the fun festivities of America's independence celebration. Haha!  we will just be knocking on some doors or somthing to celebrate us missionaries. But this week was so good.

This week was so fun because we were able to find a new investigator named L…. She is obviously from China but it was cool we were just chillin’  haha-  not really-  we were finding on Monday night and we weren't sure where to go but then I had this impression just to start calling potentials that we had found, and eventually we got L…. to answer and she came to FHE with us and really liked it and then we got to teach her on Wednesday so that was an awesome miracle.

With our investigator K…… he just straight up told us that he wasn't going to be baptized but still wanted to meet with us, but we obviously don't have time to just go around and chill with him so we are going to have to stop visiting K…… sadly but I know God will provide for us.

This week we also had the chance to go play some football with our Romanian family. It has been so slow with them but it's okay because sometimes it just takes some time. But we are praying that it will all work out.

Blending in at the Uni

So with the title! This Sunday we had a fireside at President Turvey's house which was really fun. And the topic was the birth of Christ!!  Hahaha so we celebrated Christmas in July. Hahaha it gave people a good laugh and the neighbours even came over because they heard us singing Christmas hymns. But it was so fun haha lots of good music and I also got to see like 5 previous companions. I'll send some pics. But it was sooooo good.

the York Crew

The Chinese speaking crew plus some extras...

So that's me this week. Just a quick thought for you all. A good friend of mine told me that the more you worry about life, the less you get to see the blessings you have in life! Hope that makes sense-  they said it way better than I did!
Anyways love you all!!

Elder Hanks韓長老

June 26 2017
Hey everyone! What a week this has been for me and my wonderful companion. It's been full of good things with a few bad but I'm pretty sure that missionaries can only complain about 3 things.

1. The weather
2. How quickly time goes.
3 when investigators don't keep commitments.

And I only have the second one right now so that's good! Haha I didn't know what to call this email, but elder Tsai loves noodles so we have eaten lots this week so hence the random title.


But this week was great! So this week we started to teach a new family called the S……. Soooo awesome so they have 3 little kids and they seriously are like my favourite people, I just feel like I have known them for so long. But we taught them once, and then they came to church on Sunday!!!!! Sooo happy!:)

Kirkstall Abbey

This week we also got to meet up with our boy K…… and have a lesson with him, and during the lesson he just randomly says that he is coming to church. And guess what yes he came! So that was so good. It was a good week of church for us!

We also had a cool experience with this older lad. We were walking to the bus stop to go home for the night and this guy calls us over and asks if we can help him. Not knowing how we said yes naturally, and turns out there was this daughter with her like 87 yr old dad on the floor. So we helped the poor man get up, which was actually quite difficult even with 3 people. But the cool part was the daughter apologized to us and said, "I guess I need to change my perspective towards you mormons."

So changing hearts every day!!!

Also cool thing was this week we were asked to go to the hospital twice to give members a blessing. Both had an accident and broke their left hip so it was cool to have random people give us a call and ask for some help. It was a really cool experience.

This week we also had interviews with President Turvey.  And that was really good hahaha all we talk about now is staying strong until the end, and how elder Tsai is doing so it was a good interview. But that's pretty much it for us!! We are going to an abbey today so it should be fun!! I'll send the pics of it!


Love you all
Ai nimen!!
Elder Hanks韓長

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