Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I'm old and on my last transfer.....

July 10 2017

Not many missionaries can say they served for 18 Transfers, but this one can. I can't believe it's come down to this LAST TRANSFER on my mission. where did the time go?? And the weirdest part is on Wednesday I'll officially be the oldest missionary in the mission! I'm getting old me, some grey hairs might be coming in. 

But I'm very excited it's going to be great! Obviously with Transfers happening this past week y'all want to know what's happening with me and elder Tsai. Well I'm being transferred to Hull to be a junior companion and elder Tsai is moving to York to be a Zone leader there!! 

Haha JUST KIDDING!  we're both staying in Leeds to finish elder Tsai training! Which I am very happy about. But this week was awesome for several reasons. 

First! Because this is a first on my whole mission. 
We were at church and I was kinda bummed out because all of our investigators couldn't come to church this week and we had worked hard this week in our finding and I was a bit down, so there I was sitting next to our pal E........... in the ward, when after sacrament meeting, bishop runs up to me and says, "elders a family just walked in to church and their wanting to meet with missionaries." WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTT???????? Yeah that happened so, we have a sweet mom with three teenage kids that we will start teaching this Tuesday. Talk about miracles in Leeds!! How bout the Heavenly Father is soooo good!! I love him! 

So this week we had to drop some people that we were teaching. So like the M........... family (Romanian family) they just weren't progressing so we won't be seeing them anymore. Really sad but I know that every time we drop someone the lord blesses us with someone new and he did big time. 

This week we had 2 baptisms in the ward which was really good. The first one was for a guy named W.............. and he was baptized on Friday and we took our friend L....... to it. She said it was interesting but didn't have much to say about it really. But we are working hard with her so pray that he heart will be softened to the gospel. We had a super awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation and during the Atonement part the spirit was so strong, you could almost touch it, but she just can't decide if it's just her or the spirit? Like does it matter- either way it's awesome!! But pray for her! 

On Saturday we were on exchanges with the district leader. So we headed into their area to knock on some doors, I went with elder minnich, he is from Texas. But we had a good time knocking on some doors and also taught some sweet people they are working with. Then we had to hurry back to our area because elder Tsai was doing his very first baptism. It was the sisters recent Convert, but we helped teach every now and again so elder Tsai did the baptism in Chinese. That was cool, he was excited and nervous as well,  but everything went smoothly. 

Sunday was a typical Sunday, had a less active lie right to our faces about why he couldn't go to church, it's funny how the spirit just tells you so openly about people's thoughts. Like discernment is real. They say one thing and the spirit tells you the opposite. I wouldn't know what to do if the spirit wasn't helping us out. 

Other than that our week was spent finding new people, which is good there are a lot of new students so we can actually find people who are staying in England and not leaving next month. 
But hope you all have a great week!!! 


Elder HanksínéLÀÏ

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