Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our Foxy visitor and knights in shining armor

July 24 2017

This week was suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a good week for us. Wow we saw so many miracles this week it's awesome!!! Heavenly Father has blessed us for
our hard work over these past few weeks and now we are starting to see the results of our labors.

This week was probably one of the best weeks of my mission. We were able to see 6 people at church this week, we scheduled 5 new people for baptism and we found 3 new investigators. Hahaha I love being a missionary. Elder Tsai and I are going to break the stereotype of missionary work in England!

So this week we were able to find 3 new gators 2 Chinese girls one named W........ and we scheduled her for baptism on August 19th and the other named L.......... Both are very cool and had a lot of good questions.
And also L........ wants to introduce us to a friend who loves the idea of religion so we are very excited for that. And the last one was a Chinese student named I......! He is so great! He is like L........ friend but the only problem is they all have uni projects that they are working on so we only get to see them like once a week!:( but still grateful!

This week we went and did some service for this lady in our ward. We helped her put up some blinds in her house which was a good thing to learn because I'm probably going to need to know that one again someday. But service always puts a smile on your face that's for sure!!

our foxy visitor  :)

Then we have this awesome family!!! So so so awesome! The I....... family -one mom and 3 teenagers. We had a lesson with them on Thursday for the second time and taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ using this cool paper pathway thing my mom told me about and they gobbled it up. And we were able to schedule them all for baptism on the 12th of August.
So could be my first family baptism on my mission but also one of the last ones, and they all came to church and loved it, then two of the kids went to a Stake youth fireside and also all 3 of the kids want to go to Stake youth camp. So please please please pray they will continue to progress and make their goal of baptism! They deserve it!

Funny story.
So elder Tsai and I were out finding on the local university and we were stopping all these Chinese people who are new to England, trying to teach them about Jesus. And we stop this one Chinese girl named R...... We asked her a question, she responded and then asked us if we could help her find a building. Her phone was at 1% (typical uni student problem) so of course we offered our help, so she willingly accepted our offer to walk her to the building. As we are walking the conversation goes like this. "What do you want money?  is this a t.v. Show?  do you guys have cameras on you?? Why do you guys want to help me, my parents warned me about being kidnapped, your not going to kill me are you? Please tell my your good people, etc....." And this continued for a solid like 15 minutes as we walked. Poor girl - hahaha, it gave us a good laugh for an hour or so afterwards.

Elder Hanks 

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