Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Serving with a smile all week!

July 17 2017


the district before transfers last week 
the new district after transfers last week
Wow what a fun week it has been for us. Hopefully my pictures will work this week because apparently they didn't work last week. But we had a pretty fun week got to meet some fun people and get a bit dirty.

So on Monday because of it being Transfers elder Tsai and I made breakfast for the whole district, as kind of a last goodbye to the peeps that were leaving, so that was quite fun doing that.

A departing breakfast we fixed for our district

On Wednesday we went with the "elders quorum" to go do service for a lady in the ward who needed help with her garden and it turns out that only 4 of us went. But we still got right stuck in and went to town on her back garden and really got it in better shape.  But I'll attach some pictures so you can see the work that we did.

Our service project this week

This week we also got to meet with the I........ family, who was the family that walked into church last week. And they are such an awesome family. We took our member friend C...... with us and we went and taught them the restoration in their home and it was such an awesome lesson, the kids had really good questions and they all wanted their own Book of Mormon's. It was awesome - we will be seeing them again next week.

trying out a new iron... 

On Friday we got to meet another family!! I've never taught so many families before in my whole mission. But they are way cool they were taught by missionaries before but then eventually stopped meeting with missionaries. So we are excited to start working with them and share with them how the gospel brings families closer together. With a lot of our investigators it's been slow in progression but, as with us all, any progression is good so we will keep working hard.

It's so amazing how in the Gospel we teach people that they can be together with their families forever. I am so grateful for this knowledge that we have that this isn't the end but that we can see and be with our loved ones again, what an amazing blessing we have being members of this church and to go out and share with people how they can be together forever as well. I love it!


Also on Saturday we went to a Chinese restaurant with a member who served in Hong Kong. And we had proper Cantonese food and so I tried things like fried squid and chicken feet for the first time. And surprisingly it was actually pretty good. Haha the member brought a friend but he wouldn't try the chicken feet.
But that's really it for us. Thanks for tuning in. Hope y'all have a great week.

Elder Hanks

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